Customisable Skincare Products

Christmas is approaching and it’s a chance to show our loved ones how much we appreciate them through gifts. While fancy soap or wine are great options, it’s universal code for “I don’t know what to get you but here’s something nice”.

To avoid the generic gift trap, consider bespoke skincare products. Not only is gifting personalised skincare a thoughtful, practical gift, it also encourages your loved ones to practice self-care for a mental glow up.

Local homegrown label, Alcheme, simplifies the product selection process by allowing you to personalise formulas. This way, they’ll achieve the quickest results by targeting blemishes, enlarged pores, and a dull complexion all at once.

How to customise Alcheme’s skincare products

Each product is packed with the potent botanical extracts, enriched with selected vitamins. Made in an advanced laboratory in Singapore, Alcheme’s formulas are sealed in an airtight recyclable bottle to keep the concentrated ingredients fresh.

To make gift-giving easier for us this Christmas, the brand has three customisable skincare sets for your friends and family.

Drea{me}r Collection (S$65, worth S$85)

Left to right:
25ml Curated Toner (Brighten {me})
15ml Curated Serum (Brighten {me})

Customise the Drea{me}r Collection:

The Drea{me}r Collection offers a serum and toner duo clinically proven to address fundamental skin concerns.

Pick one Curated Serum between the Rejuvenate {me}, Brighten {me}, and Clear & Mattify {me} formulas targeted at ageing skin, dull skin, and acne-prone skin respectively.

Then, select one Curated Toner from the same trio of formulas. As with all Alcheme products, you can opt to go fragrance free when you checkout.

Aweso{me} Collection (S$100, worth S$140)

Left to right:
30ml Bespoke Serum
15ml Curated Mask (Clear & Mattify {me})

Customise the Aweso{me} Collection:

Taking personalised skincare a step further, the Aweso{me} Collection pairs a bespoke serum with a face mask.

Each Bespoke Serum is loaded with active ingredients that help protect and strengthen the skin. This multitasking formula slows down the ageing process, boosts radiance, and keeps blemishes at bay.

Select a Curated Mask from the Rejuvenate {me}, Brighten {me}, and Clear & Mattify {me} formulas. These two products work in tandem to tackle various skin issues at the same time.

Crè{me} de la Crème Collection (S$150, worth S$230)

Left to right:
30ml Bespoke Serum
15ml Curated Mask (Clear & Mattify {me})
15ml Bespoke Eye Serum
25ml Curated Toner (Brighten {me})

Customise the Crè{me} de la Crème Collection:

Gift Alcheme’s Crè{me} de la Crème Collection to someone in need of serious pampering. This indulgent set features a Bespoke Serum, and a Bespoke Emulsion or Eye Serum, both of which combat signs of ageing, sallow skin, and pesky zits.

It also lets you choose one Curated Toner and a Curated Mask from the Rejuvenate {me}, Brighten {me}, and Clear & Mattify {me} formulas. This set helps to heal the skin, prepping it for the festivities ahead.

Alcheme Christmas Skincare Gift Sets

Our skin is as unique as our fingerprints, so it’s best to choose gifts which are best-suited for your loved ones.

If you’d like to gift your loved ones a customised skincare set this Christmas, head over to Alcheme’s website.

This post was brought to you by Alcheme.

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