Alcoholic Bubble Tea By LiHO

Singaporeans love their bubble tea. But have you heard of alcoholic bubble tea?

Homegrown bubble tea brand LiHO will be setting up a booth at one of Singapore’s most highly-anticipated music festivals, Ultra Singapore. It will be the music festival’s “Official Lifestyle Tea”, supplying thirst quenchers to dehydrated partygoers—it does get scorching hot during the late afternoons these days after all.

The alcoholic bubble tea will only be available within the grounds of the festival.

Not much information has been released about the menu, but there will be a few flavours to choose from, including a summer smoothie flavour.

LiHO also teased its version of the mojito. A classic mojito is made of fresh mint, rum, lime juice, soda water and a dash of sugar. How will it taste with a splash of earl grey tea, we wonder?

Besides the Mojito and Summer Smoothie, there will also be aiyu jelly shots, a twist on the crowd-favourite vodka shots.

Ultra Music Festival

If you don’t already know, Ultra Music Festival will be held on 8 and 9 June at 1 Bayfront Avenue. It is an annual electronic dance music (EDM) festival well-loved by young Singaporeans who love to party.

This year’s lineup includes renowned international DJs such as Martin Garrix, Skrillex and Axwell, so party attendees are in for good times ahead.  

There will also be various pop-up stalls selling food, drinks and merchandise.

We are also certain there will also be all sorts of experimental food available from brands who want to cash in on drunk millennials with credit cards.

LiHO’s Alcoholic Bubble Tea At Ultra Singapore

Looks like Ultra Singapore is not just a destination for EDM lovers, but for Singaporeans who love to have a good time and try out some never-before-seen food and drinks, particularly with an alcoholic twist.

Booze, bubble tea and Martin Garrix, what else can you ask for on a weekend?

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