Anal “Sexperiences”

If you’re anything like Regina George, you’re probably half a virgin, waiting for the right guy to have anal sex with. But if you’re like many Singaporean girls, anal sex is probably the final frontier you don’t want to reach.

However, that doesn’t stop us from being curious cats when it comes to anal sex. For those interested iguanas too afraid to plug in, here are the opinions of 10 Singaporeans girls on what anal sex feels like.

*Some names were changed to protect identities

1. Strong Poop Urges

For me, anal sex is very uncomfortable. Contrary to popular belief, getting it in is not the most uncomfortable part, all thanks to the lube. What bothers me is anal sex itself.

When my partner begins thrusting, his penis always presses down on an uncomfortable spot. It feels as though a huge piece of shit is being nudged back and forth repeatedly. It makes me panic because I’m not sure if I actually need to poop.

All I can think about while having anal is the huge dump I’m going to take after.
Samantha, 24

2. The Intimate Connection

In my opinion, anal sex is really intimate and it makes me feel closer to my partner. I love how full I feel when my partner is in my butt.

Putting two delicate body parts together involves a lot of trust and communication. I wouldn’t do anal with a random hook up. In fact, I’d probably only do anal with a long-term partner.
Sam, 28

3. Pleasurable Anal Sexperience

I’m really sensitive, so I orgasm extremely easily from penetrative sex. Honestly, I prefer anal sex to vaginal sex as anal sex is more intense.

During anal sex, I am completely overwhelmed by the sensations going through my body. All my nerve endings are on fire, and I lose myself in the pleasure. I especially love to have anal in ‘doggie’ position.
Melissa, 26

4. Colonoscopy Examination

Anal sex is kinda weird. It’s not pleasurable, but it’s not bad either. It’s just something moving in and out of my butt, kinda what I’d imagine a colonoscopy to be. It’s not very sexy.
Wenyi, 28

5. Pain In The Butt

The first time I had anal, it felt like something was literally tearing me apart. I thought it was normal and kept going, but the pain got so bad that I started seeing dark spots. Luckily my partner noticed, and carefully pulled out.

But by the time he did it, I was bleeding everywhere. I was so traumatised, I curled up in a ball and started crying. All I can say is that anal’s not for me, and I’d probably never do it again.
Trish, 27

6. ‘Slip-and-Slide’

The first thing everyone should know about anal sex is that it requires lots and lots of lube.

Without lube, anal sex is not going to feel good. But because of all the lube used, anal sex tends to be really wet and slippery. The lube gets everywhere, dripping down your front and getting all over the bed.

I’m all for lube though, it helps sex happen more smoothly.
Kim, 24

7. Having A Reverse Poop

You know that uncomfortable feeling when you strain to take a gigantic dump, but relax halfway for a breather, and get poop sucked back up your ass?

Yeah, anal sex is exactly like that. It’s a pretty shitty feeling.
Meiying, 23

8. B(utt)DSM

Anal sex is my kink. I watch a lot of porn which involves girls being dominated anally by men. I love being pinned down from the back and having my ass destroyed.

Sex for me is about the power play, so the slight pain and discomfort from anal arouses me. Allowing myself to be penetrated this way turns me on even more.

I know that anal is not for everyone, and my kink is not what most people like. But damn, it turns me on!
Hev, 24

9. Tedious Preparation Ritual

In my opinion, anal sex is not worth it as there’s too much prep work that goes into it.

First, you need to flush out your butt, then you need to finger and relax the anus, before finally lubing up both the penis and the inside of your ass to have sex. It takes a ridiculously long time!

If you were born with a vagina for easy sexual pleasure and access, why bother with all that unnecessary fuss?
Dinna, 26

10. A ‘Cheeky’ Thing To Do

I think because of the taboo nature of anal, I find it really appealing. Having anal sex makes me feel naughty, as I feel like I’m doing something I’m not supposed to do.

It also makes me feel sexually liberated as I am in full control of my sexual decisions.

Switching up the type of intercourse definitely, keeps sex interesting and hot!
Jan, 22

Communicating About Sex

Whether or not you think anal sex is a pain in the ass, it’s important to understand your own body and sexual preferences. Hopefully, if you do decide to try anal, it’d make your whole week, not your hole weak!