Anytime Fitness Free Day Pass

Let’s admit it, it is already May, and not all of us have yet to commit to that gym membership we said we would as part of our 2022 New Year’s resolutions. If you’re hesitating about signing up for a gym membership too quickly, here’s your chance to go on a “test drive”. 

Anytime Fitness in Singapore is rebranding with a new lifestyle platform, AF Connect and offering a free day pass for you to try out their equipment and membership services. Continue reading to find out more about this attractive lobang

The gym 

With 80 outlets scattered across Singapore, Anytime Fitness is no stranger to anyone by this point. 

Anytime Fitness Free Day Pass

But for the unacquainted, they are not only a gym that provides the space and exercise equipment, but they are also a supportive community. 

Their Facebook page offers tips and recommendations like finding the right coach, and information for cafes near to the gym locations that serve healthy brunch after a workout sesh. Plus, with just a quick search on Telegram, you’ll find groups for different Anytime Fitness outlets.

Anytime Fitness Free Day Pass

Welcoming members from all walks of life, Anytime Fitness caters to all fitness levels, whether it’s your first time in a gym or you just want to maintain your already-toned body. Their staff are trained to assist you with your body transformation, so you won’t have to worry about going on the journey alone. 

To start off, they offer personalised coaching where their trainers will be able to advise you on fitness routines, nutrition, and recovery guidance. Thanks to Anytime Fitness’s system, these supports are also accessible 24/7 when you’re at home, on their app, or at any location over the world.   

Plus, you can access any Anytime Fitness outlets in the world with your membership key. So yes, you can squeeze in workouts on your next VTL trip overseas without forking out an extra fee.

If you’re all about the equipment, Anytime Fitness has also got you covered with their wide selection. 

Anytime Fitness Free Day Pass

Featuring tools like battle ropes, rowing machines and spin bikes, you can work on a different body region every time you drop by. Their multitude of well-maintained equipment guarantees a workout that will never be boring.

For the full list of equipment and services, be sure to check out on their website

Kickstart Your Fitspo Journey With Anytime Fitness’s Free Day Pass

Implementing a new lifestyle takes time, but you can kickstart your fitspo journey with baby steps like claiming a free day pass from Anytime Fitness. 

Anytime Fitness Free Day Pass

The pass allows you to get to know more about the gym and the services that they offer, before committing to their affordable membership. Interested peeps can register for one that can be used at any outlet, through their website here

Furthermore, Anytime Fitness just launched their latest digital platform, AF Connect, which features curated workouts, and blog entries that promote a healthy lifestyle beyond the physical aspect. 

AF Connect features blog entries where members can seek advice

Members can take advantage of AF Connect, and check out their array of content like healthy, easy-to-do recipes, member testimonials, and even mental health content. AF Connect is free for all Anytime Fitness members, and anyone can sign up for a 7-day trial. 

In support of Anytime Fitness’ rebranding, Anytime Fitness Asia Chief Operating Officer for Core Market, Ryan Cheal also shared that they aim to be “a convenient, accessible brand that delivers members results.”

For more information about Anytime Fitness, you can also visit their official Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

Find out more about Anytime Fitness’s free day pass here!

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