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If you still haven’t taken the plunge to becoming the proud owner of a boba bottle or boba tumbler, Elephant Cuppa’s BBT tumbler might finally make you a convert. While there are plenty of sustainable options out there, these aesthetic tumblers are leak-proof and shatter-resistant too. That means no more worrying about BBT spillage, even if you have butter fingers. 

Unique design

bbt tumbler full


These BPA-free BBT tumblers are available in 2 different sizes and 4 colours. The beige and dark green versions have a larger volume of 720ml, which is about the size of a large cup of BBT at Koi and Playmade. The pastel pink and blue versions are 520ml in size.

bbt tumbler cap and straw collage


Elephant Cuppa’s BBT tumblers boast a leak-proof lid and come with not 1 but 2 reusable straws: A wide one for you to easily slurp up your favourite BBT toppings, and a standard one for when you just want some milk tea. 

On top of that, a matching straw cap is also provided. This prevents dust and other particles from contaminating your bubble tea while you are taking a break from drinking it. 

When you want to resume savouring your drink, place the cap in the docking space on the lid instead of holding it in your hands or chucking it into your bag. This way, your cap will never go missing. 

bubble tea eco tumbler in bagSource

Although Elephant Cuppa’s BBT tumblers look like they are made from glass, they are actually made from ECOZEN. It’s a bio-based material that has a transparent appearance and is designed to be stain-resistant. The durable material makes the tumblers safe, especially if you have little kids at home. 

These BBT Tumblers Are Aesthetic, Sustainable And Convenient 

These BBT tumblers look super sleek, protect your drink from dust particles and are leak-proof, while letting you save the earth at the same time. The 520ml and 720ml Elephant Cuppa bubble tea eco tumblers will be launching on Kickstarter soon. You can sign up for its Limited Super Early Bird alarm on its crowdfunding site to save up to 30% off the listed price once it’s up. 

In the meantime, you can get the 700ml Original Cuppa in black or white on Elephant Cuppa’s website for US$28 (~S$38.07). Best of all, it ships to Singapore! 

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