BT21 x Skechers Shoes

Skechers has teamed up with BT21 to launch a range of sneakers. They are currently available online on the Skechers USA site and cost USD$75 per pair. 


In case you didn’t know, BT21 consists of characters that represent popular K-pop group BTS, with each character representing each member. There is also a robot that represents BTS fans, also known as the ARMY. 

8 different designs

The collection consists of 8 different designs with 8 different colour combinations that feature each of the BT21 characters. Each of the shoes also features the characters’ name and illustration on the side.


RJ the alpaca appears on a deep orange and white sneaker with light blue laces. Mang the horse adorns a lavender and pink design with light blue laces. 


Shooky the cookie’s design is aqua and white with yellow laces. Tata the heart is on an eye-catching red, white and blue sneaker with yellow laces.


If you love pink, Cooky the bunny appears on a pink, white and blue design with black laces. Chimmy the puppy’s design is green, white and yellow with blue laces.   


Koya the koala’s shoe is blue and white with purple laces. The most subtle design would be the one featuring Van the robot in black, grey and white with light blue laces. 

Popularity of BT21

Due to the popularity of K-pop group BTS, BT21 products continue to catch the attention of fans around the globe. Recently, they collaborated with Reebok on a series of unique Instapump Fury sneakers and Korean brand Monopoly on a luggage collection.

Here are some other products that were launched recently.


These long-sleeve t-shirts will be the perfect outfit if you are doing BTS-inspired choreography with your dance crew.


Or how about these phone cases that you can customise on the LINE Friends creator site


These table lamps are unique and will instantly make your room glow with colour. Best of all, they are in the shape of your favourite BT21 character. 

BT21 x Skechers Shoes Are The Perfect Footwear For Your Korean-Inspired Outfits

The BT21 x Skechers shoes are available in 8 eye-catching designs. Pair them with a BT21 long-sleeve shirt and sweatpants and you can look as good as your favourite oppa J-Hope or V!

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