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From everyday necessities (see: toilet paper earrings) to snacks (see: Kit Kat and Pocky earrings), adding accessories made from or inspired by everyday items to your outfit is a fun and easy way to make it cute or quirky.  This cable tie ring is yet another nod to something we see around us on a daily basis. The only thing is, it costs much more than a pack of real cable ties—about 500 times more, to be exact.

Cable tie accessories

cable tie ring
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A pack of 100 cable ties usually costs around $1. The cable tie ring from AMBUSH, a Japan-based jewellery brand, costs $520. And nope, the rings aren’t made of gold either. The rings above are made of brass, before being coated in matte yellow and black. 

cable tie ring silver and gold
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There are, however, silver and gold-plated versions available. These will set you back $665 a pop. Get these if you don’t want people to ask if you accidentally left your cable tie on your finger while organising your wires. 

cable tie 2 finger ring

While the rings aren’t adjustable like regular cable ties, AMBUSH does have a 2-finger version of the ring. It is designed to wrap around 2 of your fingers to make double the impact. The Zip Tie 2-Finger Ring costs $705 and comes in black, blue and yellow.

cable tie earring black

Aside from rings, there are other accessories inspired by the same household item. These cable tie earrings come in 2 colours—blue and black—and cost $785 a pair. 

cable tie bracelet blue

There also used to be a Zip Tie Bracelet available on Farfetch, which has since sold out.   

Of course, you can always go ahead to make your own cable tie bracelet. You’ll be able to find packs of cable ties at any hardware store near you, in black, blue, yellow and a variety of other colours. While you’re at it, you could make a cable tie necklace too.

This Cable Tie Ring Costs $520 & Looks Like Something You Could Make At Home

If you’re not into DIY or are just looking to get your hands on the rings and earrings, they are available on AMBUSH’s website. Shipping to Singapore costs €24 (~S$38.65). 

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