Casetify x Kakao Friends

Casetify is well-known to have many iconic collaborations like the recent Sailor Moon collection, released in celebration of the character’s 30th anniversary. 

Bringing us yet another collab to zhng up our phone aesthetics, Casetify has partnered up with Kakao Friends – home to many iconic characters like Ryan and Apeach. 

This marks the second time the two brands have collaborated since 2021, and the collection is heavily inspired by sweet and savoury snacks, so you can bring these cases out during your grocery runs.

The cases

Casetify x Kakao Friends

Serial snackers can look forward to getting their hands on these vibrant yellow and orange cases resembling chips and soup, respectively. Each case features a vintage vibe to the “packaging”, with characters like Ryan and the rest of his squad on it.

Casetify x Kakao Friends

If you’re one of those who likes to peel stickers off your fruits, this case might just be the one for you. The case features different illustrations like price tags and milk chocolate stickers; all placed randomly to emulate supermarket groceries.

Casetify x Kakao Friends

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Embrace your inner cheapskate with this unique case that features multiple sale stickers and barcodes.

Though you can’t get gum in Singapore, you can indulge in sweetness with this Apeach phone case. This pink transparent bumper even encapsulates the colour of your bubblegum when blown!

Satisfy your breakfast cravings with this blue Ryan cereal phone case. The design comes in a variety of phone accessories, so you can mix and match however you please.

The Casetify x Kakao Friends Collection Turns Your Everyday Cravings Into An Aesthetic

With this collection that launched on 23 June 2022, it’s only the tip of the iceberg of more designs and accessories dropping, so do keep an eye out for the full release on the official Casetify website.

All images courtesy of Casetify.

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