Chain Jewellery Trend

One of the jewellery trends we’re seeing pop up on this season’s runways is chains and links of all shapes and sizes. Think less coffee shop uncle’s obiang accessory, and more bold, statement earrings and irregularly-shaped necklace options.

From left to right: Chloé, Marni

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Come 2019, this is how we’re going to add linked-jewellery, especially in the form of thick-chained gold earrings, to our outfits. And we’ve compiled a list of chain jewellery for easy reference.

1. Pomelo: Abstract Chain Necklace – Gold (S$19)

2. Pomelo: Chain Link Drop Earrings – Silver (S$14)

Also available in Gold (S$14)

3. River Island: Gold Tone Mixed Chain Bracelet (S$17.70)

4. Yard Yarn: IRIA Earrings Gold (S$12)

5. Ashley Summer Co: Long Thin Chain Gold Dangle Earrings (S$35)

6. Pomelo: Triple Circular Textured Plate Drop Earrings – Gold (S$14)

7. The Ordinary Co.: Edit Chain Earrings (Gold) (S$12.90)

Also available in Silver (S$12.90)

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The great thing about these pieces is they are sleek and minimal. The subtle pop of gold or silver will add character to and complete your outfit together without being too flashy.