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From thrift shopping to pampering ourselves with hair and nail sessions, JB is undoubtedly every Singaporean’s fave city to visit over the weekends. But for those who might feel a bit sian of their repeated JB itinerary, perhaps it’s time to switch up your plans the next time you head across the border.

BangHistory, an escape room in JB, now offers a childbirth and period cramp experience from just $8. Ladies, this is your chance to let your boyfriends experience your monthly struggles so they can treat you better.

The experience


For those who frequent JB often, you’ll know that the city has numerous escape rooms filled with unique and exciting adventures. BangHistory is one such place that offers escape rooms, smash stations, cocktail lounges and now, a childbirth and period cramp experience. 

Childbirth Experience JBSource

The childbirth experience room can accommodate up to 8 pax and lasts around 15 minutes. It only costs RM25 (~SGD$7.28) per session, and according to BangHistory’s website, boyfriends are highly recommended to try out this experience to “make them love you more”.

Childbirth Experience JBSource

Upon entering the room, players will lie back on an armchair while the staff straps the pain simulators on their stomachs. To make the experience even more realistic, a fake pregnancy bump is placed above the abdomen. 

Pain levels range from 1 to 20, adjustable to mimic menstrual cramps, pregnancy symptoms and a childbirth experience. Anyone of any gender and age is welcome to try out this unique experience — it’ll no doubt be a hilarious and memorable bonding activity with your loved ones.

Experience Childbirth & Period Cramps From Just $8 At BangHistory JB

Perhaps it’s time for men to end the never-ending debate: is getting kicked in the balls or giving birth more painful? The next time you’re planning a weekend getaway to JB with your friends, you can consider going for this new activity at BangHistory. Head over to their website for more information. 

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