Coffee Bean Hallo-Meow Mug

Many of us have a go-to mug when we make our favourite drinks at home, but if you’re planning to expand your drinkware collection, consider the latest drop from Coffee Bean. Enter the Hallo-Meow Mug, an adorable Halloween-inspired mug that features a 3D kitty cat figurine on a silicone lid. 

The mug

With the spooky season right around the corner, it is no surprise that Coffee Bean is soaking in the spirit with their Hallo-Meow Mug. 

Coffee Bean Hallo-Meow Mug

The mug is purr-fect for feline lovers as it comes with a silicone lid topped with Halloween-themed 3D figurines that centre around a cat wearing a witch hat. Its cheeky expression suggests the reason behind the fish bones on the “floor” and the tombstone that reads “Boo”. 

Apart from those, note how there is also a pumpkin figurine carved with a spooky expression.  

The details aren’t limited to the lid. The 350ml ceramic mug is decked in black alongside motifs of bats, stars, and a moon that capture the essence of Halloween. As the mug is also safe for microwaving and dishwashing, you can be sure to make your perfect brew before heading off for a gourd time trick or treating. 

The Hallo-Meow Mug retails at $19.90. 

Add Coffee Bean’s Hallo-Meow Mug To Your Drinkware Collection This Halloween 

Whether it is to express your love for the spooky season or for cats, the Hallo-Meow Mug from Coffee Bean makes a great addition to your drinkware collection. As only limited quantities are available for purchase, make sure to snag one before they are gone. 

All images courtesy of Coffee Bean’s Facebook. 

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