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Coloured Lash Extensions Singapore

Holographic highlighter? Check. Glitter roots? Been there done that. Coloured lash extensions? Now we’re talking. While hunting for picture-worthy spots along Duxton, we chanced upon a Japanese salon called Allongee Beauty Design along Keong Saik Road.

Their basic lash extensions range from 80 lash pieces at $70 to 300 lash pieces at $150 for that full on va-va-voom effect. For an extra $15, we went for a half coloured lash look, but you can go all in with a full coloured lash at $20 for maximum kawaii vibes.

Before we got down to the nitty-gritty, the consultants sat us down to tell us about the types of lashes available, with variations in curl, volume and length. Once you’re done choosing the look of your lash, the real fun begins! With 15 colours to choose from, we decided to mix purple, magenta, and pale pink for an understated look with a subtle pop of colour to draw attention to the eyes.

The entire process takes approximately one and a half hours, excluding consultation (5-10 minutes), so block off your calendars ladies! The whole experience may seem long, but it’s because individual lashes are placed carefully and strategically, creating just a flutter of colour for a fun everyday look.

The lashes last for up to a month—that is, if you maintain them well. Just remember to keep your lashes clean and mascara-free on the day of your appointment, so the glue adheres to your lids better and the extensions can stay on for as long as possible.

Coloured Lash Extensions Review

To be honest, I expected the final look to be over the top but was surprised by how wearable coloured lashes actually are. If you’re still wary about its wearability, match it with a darker base colour like purple or navy blue—the tinge of neon will accentuate the outer corners of your eyes! So far, my lashes have lasted 3 weeks and are so comfortable that I sometimes forget they’re there, so they’re definitely worth the investment.

Address: 14 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089121
Phone: 6909 0439
Opening Hours: 11.00 am to 9.00 pm (last appointment at 7.30pm)