ColourPop Cherry Crush Collection

Earlier this year, Colourpop released an exciting collaboration with Animal Crossing. Now, they’ve revealed their newest collection for fruit enthusiasts: cherry-themed makeup and accessories. 

The yummy collection features the most saturated shades of cherry-red – perfect for a summery, retro-inspired look. The cuteness alone will be the perfect cherry on top for your next makeup look. 

Eyeshadow Palette

Colourpop Eyeshadow Palette

The collection features the Cherry Crush 9-pan eyeshadow palette with pigmented cherry hues including Scarlet and Black Cherry. The rich reds of the palette range from shimmers to mattes – the perfect mix to create a sweet and bold eye-look.

Fresh Kiss Glossy Lip Stain

Colourpop Cherry Crush Lip Stain

In need of some gorgeous, gleaming lips? The French Kiss Glossy Lip Stain comes in 2 colours and combines the lasting effects of a lip-stain with the shine of a lip gloss to give you a fresh, bold lip-look. Double Cherry is the perfect shade of, well, cherry red, while Love Bite takes on a deep pink tone, both leaving a luscious look.


Colourpop Cherry Crush Dewy Blush

The Cheeky Dew Serum liquid blush comes in 2 shades for that perfect cherry flush. Similar to the lip stains, Sour Cherry takes on a more deep red hue while the other, Cherish You, is a bright pink colour. With its lightweight application that allows for a buildable, flushed look, it’s perfect for a glow that’ll ensure you’re the centre of attention. 


Colourpop Cherry Eyeliner

The collection also features 2 unique types of eyeliners allowing you to create numerous bold and distinct looks. The Graceland Bff Liquid Eyeliner comes in a bright white, with its intense colour pay-off perfect for a pop of colour. Pair it with reds from the Cherry Crush Palette for a cherry bomb eye look and that will have heads turning wherever you go. 

The Bff Créme Gel eyeliner on the other hand is a creamy gel liner in 2 shades, Jubilee pink and Cherry Pie red. Use the liner on your waterline for a fiery, flirty look or get creative and add some cute cherry prints to your eyes. Mix the two eyeliners together and voila, ma chérie:  a vibrant head-turning look. 

Cherry Sweet Accessories

Colourpop Clips and Mirror

The collection isn’t complete without the adorable Cherry Sweet Hair Clips and Mon Cherry Hand Mirror. The retro, cherry themed accessories give off a flair that brings the Cherry Crush Collection full circle with its berry sweet theme. 

The ColourPop Cherry Crush Collection Will Leave Heads Turning

Prepare your matching outfits and head to your favourite Instagrammable locations to shoot some fierce pics with these makeup products that’ll leave your skin looking sweet.. 

The items in this themed collection all retail at affordable prices on Colourpop’s website, or get the complete set for only US$42 (US$79 at full value) now with 30% off sitewide, excluding international shipping. Truly a berry sweet deal for a 10-item bundle!

All images courtesy of Colourpop.

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