Croissant-Inspired Coin Purses

Earlier in January this year, news about IKEA potentially releasing a bread-themed sofa earned the delights of bread lovers everywhere. Good news if you’re one of them, as French brand Lemaire now has croissant-inspired coin purses that you can use to store loose coins and knick knacks. Continue reading to find out more about these adorable coin purses. 

The coin purses

At first glance, the coin purses bring croissants to mind, most immediately with their unique crescent shape. Similar to the way croissants come in different flavours and shades, the coin purses are available in 7 earthy colours, including dune and hedge green. 

Croissant-Inspired Coin Purses

Closing in on the details, the coin purses feature stitched cutouts that resemble the folds of a croissant. Plus, the knotted zipper pull also adds an element of cute to the overall design. 

The coin purse is made from Nappa leather, so it has a smooth and shiny finish ━ just like a glazed croissant.   

Croissant-Inspired Coin Purses

With dimensions of 19cm x 10cm x 3cm, the coin purse can hold “fillings” like your house keys and TraceTogether token ━ excellent to bring along when you’re out running errand.

If you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your OOTD, these coin purses are also a subtle way to do so. You can hold it in hand, or have it tucked in the chest pocket of your shirt for extra swag. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this French pastry-inspired purse. 


It is not the first time Lemaire has released croissant-inspired items, as the brand also carries other designs like the Small Croissant Bag and Large Croissant Bag.  

From left: Small Croissant Bag, Large Croissant Bag

They are excellent for casual use, and have enough storage to store bigger items like a water bottle when you head to your spin class. Collect them all, and you’ll have a croissant bag family to show off to your friends. 

Say “Oui” To These Croissant-Inspired Coin Purses For A Unique OOTD 

Whether you’re a croissant enthusiast or a fan of novelty items, these coin purses are something you might want to have in your accessories collection. Each coin purse retails at USD$400 (~S$537), and is also available in coated linen canvas at USD$370 (~S$497). 

For those interested, you can purchase them on Lemaire’s official website. They ship to Singapore too, for free. 

All images courtesy of Lemaire

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