Dating Down

Think popular K-dramas like Marry My Husband and Business Proposal and you’ll notice a certain pattern — all the male leads are handsome, charming, and most importantly, rich. 

The idea of dating a hot CEO who buys you anything and everything probably lives in your head rent free but, these not-so-realistic standards may actually be stopping you from finding the love of your life. 

Lemon8 user @caipngwfish shares her experience “dating down” — which she defines as dating a man who earns less than her. ICYMI, @caipngwfish also previously shared why she doesn’t go dutch on dates.

Her experience


Instead of following her family’s expectations for her partner — which includes a decently high salary — @caipngwfish shares that she only had one expectation: he needs to “want to be a provider.”

While she initially rejected her SO’s advances — him introducing her as his girlfriend to peers and her saying “I am not your girlfriend” — she gradually fell in love after he persisted in chasing her. How swoon-worthy.


In the beginning, @caipngwfish actually earned almost double of her partner’s salary. Despite this, the content creator decided to start their relationship for this simple reason — her partner was willing to give her his all. She mentioned in her post that he assured her that “he will work harder to give me that good life he envisioned me to have.”


Even after he got the girl, things did not change. @caipngwfish’s partner would spare no effort keeping her happy. On dates to fancy places, he still took care of the bill despite earning less and with the motivation to work harder for her, the content creator’s boyfriend doubled his salary in just one year. 

To all the girls who are only thinking about dating upwards, here’s something @caipngwfish shared that couldn’t be more true — “dating upwards doesn’t mean that he will be willing to give you the world.”

This Love Story Proves That What Matters Most In A Relationship Is How You Treat Your Partner

I’m sure most people would want a partner who would go above and beyond for them. @caipngwfish’s experience teaches us that salary does not actually determine how well your partner treats you in a relationship. 

If you’ve been hesitant about dating a guy with a lower salary, it may be time to switch up your thinking and try “dating down.” Who knows, you may even find your one true love, just like how @caipngwfish did.

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