Only Dating Guys With Cars

Previously, we asked girls about their opinions of dating someone on the shorter side. While height is something that cannot be controlled, we wondered about another controversial dating requirement for some girls ― only dating someone who owns a fancy car. 

Some of us dream of being a passenger princess but funnily enough, girls having their own car isn’t emphasised enough compared to men in the dating world.

We spoke to seven girls in Singapore to share their thoughts on whether they would only date men with cars, and their reasons for doing so

Disclaimer: Some names have been altered to protect the identities of our interviewees.

Would only date guys with car

1.  “I would assume that he is pretty well-off and financially stable.

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“I would prefer my partner to have a car as it would be more convenient for us to travel around and I would feel more secure. With a car, I would assume that he is pretty well-off and financially stable so I see it as an added bonus.

NGL, I will swipe right on a guy who poses with his car. I acknowledge that I might come off as materialistic but I like those types of pictures which show off his status. Plus, I would feel assured that he might offer to drive me around during our dates.  

In my opinion, some girls do like their partner who owns a car so they can travel around Singapore comfortably with their boyfriend. That’s why I aspire to be a passenger princess one day.”

Advice to girls: “Live out your material girl dreams, don’t settle for less.”

— Sandra, 25

2. “It’s more convenient and more private.”

“I prefer dating people who have a car because it’s more convenient and more private. I am okay to use public transportation, taxi or Grab but it’s a huge plus point if they have a car.

We can spend time talking in the car or even if we don’t have any activities to do we can just go out for a night ride and chill. Other than owning a car, what I look for in a guy is financial stability.”

Advice to girls: You don’t have to feel bad for being upfront with what you want.

— Yi Ching, 23

Open to dating someone who doesn’t have a car

3. “Owning a property is more attractive to me.”

Image courtesy of Talia

“It’s not a huge requirement for my partner to own a car himself. TBH, owning a property is more attractive to me than owning a car in Singapore. 

I do admit that with a car, it makes it more convenient for me and my boyfriend to travel! Especially when we do a lot of shopping together, it is easier for us to carry the bags back home. 

Some girls take it as an indicator that their partner ‘has made it in life’ if they own a car. But that shouldn’t be the case. 

What I look for in a partner is not just their car, it’s their character ― someone humble, genuine and loves me for who I am.”

Advice to girls: “Don’t focus on materialistic things, find someone who can pamper you in a different way.”

— Talia, 23

4. “You can get a car yourself ━ you don’t need a man to chaperone you around.”

“While it can be convenient for my partner to own a car for travelling, it can also potentially put a strain on the relationship with such expectations. The cost of living is high in Singapore and only a person with a higher stature can comfortably afford a car. 

It might bring up questions if a partner is not good enough as they do not have a car. TBH, this ‘owning a car’ expectation comes off as super materialistic. 

Girls can work hard and get a car yourself ━ you don’t need a man to chaperone you around. Also, love does not require a car, it’s about an emotional connection that you have with your partner.”

Advice to girls: “If your man treats you right, whether he has a car will be the least of your worries.”

— Zafira, 30 

5. “People who exclusively find a potential mate based on having a fancy car are shallow and judgemental.”

Image courtesy of Renae

“I feel that people who exclusively find a potential mate based on criteria such as having a fancy car are shallow and judgemental. I’ll be honest, it certainly can be a plus in terms of convenience and accessibility when dating someone who drives. 

Practicality wise, it would also make sense for things like going out for suppers anywhere in Singapore, making trips across the causeway and running errands. But guys who actively flex their fancy car are an immediate turn-off. 

Taking public transport with your partner has its upsides too. Journeying from place to place on a bus or MRT can be a mini adventure and bonding opportunity in itself. I always play games with my fiancé on commutes, like Wordle, or download shows on Netflix to watch together. This wouldn’t be possible if he was driving!

We stay close to one hour apart in terms of travelling time via public transport, so that long ride is a chance for us to enjoy each other’s company longer. And because it’s admittedly a tiring and time-consuming journey, it makes us cherish each meetup and not take it for granted.”

Advice to girls: “Dating someone who drives isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. With the sky-high COE prices, there’d be a major dent in you and your partner’s joint finances as a couple.”

— Renae, 27

No preference

6. “You can save money to buy a car but finding a good partner is hard to find.”

“It’s not that important if my partner has a car. You can save money to buy a car but finding a good partner is hard to find. 

I wouldn’t be interested in the fact that they own a car, I would be more curious as to how they came to own one. To me, owning a car doesn’t say much about a person’s character, which is what I prioritise when getting to know someone.

I guess it is a nice bonus since there is a chance you might get chauffeured to work or appointments. It makes travelling for dates so much easier and you get to stay out late without having to worry about transport home.”

Advice to girls: “Character comes first!”

— Suyi, 22

7. “It really depends on the practicality of having a car in particular stages of our lives.”

“It is important that my partner has a car but it’s not a dealbreaker for me. It really depends on the practicality of having a car in particular stages of our lives.

Girls who think the 5 Cs are important to check off their list or would rather date someone more financially stable and reliable might prioritise their partner having a car. But honestly, the person’s character is more important than his car.”

Advice to girls: “Cars don’t last forever, but a lifelong partner does.”

— Pei Yi, 26

These Singaporean Girls Show That Owning A Car Is Not Everything When It Comes To Dating

Regardless of whether your partner owns a car or not, there are plenty of girls in Singapore who don’t care about materialistic things. While we can dream about having late night drives with bae, what ultimately counts is still on the inside.

Cover: Image courtesy of Renae, source.
This article was originally written on 17 May 2023 and updated on 28 August 2023.

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