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Girls Preference For Hairy Or Shaved Guys

If you recall earlier this year, there was a hoo-ha about a Singapore beauty salon allegedly comparing women who don’t shave to orangutans. While they clarified that it was a misunderstanding, it struck me that society has made it seem as if women must be hairless under their pits or nether region

Interestingly, there hasn’t been much emphasis on shaving for men, especially when it comes to their hair “down there”. As such, we asked seven girls in Singapore to share their opinions, and if they prefer their man to be shaved, trimmed or hairy. 

Some names have been altered to protect the identities of our interviewees


1. “Dislike the feeling of having it in my mouth”

For illustrative purposes only

“Back when I had braces, I had an irrational fear that a guy’s pubic hair would get stuck in my teeth if I tried to pleasure him orally. But now that my braces are removed, I find it yucky if any pubic hair gets into my mouth, which is why I prefer my guy to have a clean shave. 

Since I am a person who cares a lot about hygiene, a guy with pubic hair would also make me wonder if his genitals are properly cleaned. Aesthetically speaking, I am also not a huge fan of guys with pubic hair because I don’t find them appealing. 

That said, I will definitely share my preference with my partner, and let him know why it is a concern to me.”

– Faye, 22

2. “It is easier for me to pleasure him with my mouth”

Girls Preference For Hairy Or Shaved GuysSource

“Before I managed to convince my guy to shave his pubic hair completely, he was hesitant because he imagined it would be strange to not have his “manhood” covered. But he understood the reason almost immediately after he realised how much easier it was for me to pleasure him with my mouth. Since then, he has been shaving on a regular basis.

NGL, I think shaving completely also gives a guy a cleaner look, and it makes me feel that he cares about his hygiene. Rather than thinking that shaving is “gay”, more guys should also understand that grooming has nothing to do with downgrading their masculinity, but more with other aspects of sex and self-care.”

– Christie, 27


3. “Shows that he cares about personal hygiene”

Girls Preference For Hairy Or Shaved GuysImage courtesy of Joy

“I prefer my guy to have his pubic hair trimmed because it shows that he cares about personal hygiene. While it won’t play a huge role in affecting my desire to have sex with him, his actions reflect how he prioritises self-care and grooming. 

Since communication is key in every relationship, I find it important in sharing my opinions with the person I’m seeing. I would voice out my preference to my partner, but of course, I won’t disrespect him and force him to make any changes to his body. 

If men have the means to go for professional grooming like at a waxing shop, I would say go for it too.”

– Joy, 23

4. “Going au naturel is too wild, but a clean shave makes him look like a Ken doll”

Girls Preference For Hairy Or Shaved Guys

“I consider myself a relatively “hairy” girl who takes time to groom my hair, so I think it is fair to expect the same from my guy. However, I would prefer him to keep a bit of his pubic hair because going au naturel is a lil’ too wild for me, but also, having a clean shave would make him look like a Ken doll ‒ either option would turn me off. 

Although I won’t force my preference onto my guy, I think it is acceptable to share my opinions with him. After all, it is important to communicate since we want to pleasure each other and enjoy sex.”

– Tessa, 29

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5. “More hair looks sexier to me”


“I believe the stereotype of having more hair equates to being more masculine is a myth. But when it comes to sex, I find a guy with more hair sexier because they look “manlier” and older ‒ which I am very into. 

Of course, there are many other factors that contribute to a guy’s sex appeal, but having more pubic hair is definitely a cherry on top for me. Not to mention, I also enjoy the sense of touching it.   

On the other hand, while having more hair is visually attractive, I find it impractical actually to have them. Sometimes the hair will end up in places that you don’t want to have during or after sex ‒ there was once when I found pubes stuck in my retainers. Yikes.”

– Queenie, 19

No preference

6. “As long as he doesn’t smell, I’m fine”

Girls Preference For Hairy Or Shaved GuysImage courtesy of Cindy

“Whether a guy is hairy or not, I’m the kind of person who is fine with any as long as he doesn’t smell. Since everyone has rights to their body, I don’t think I have a say in telling a guy what to do to his pubic hair. 

I respect those who actually visit salons to have their pubic hair professionally groomed because it shows that they value personal hygiene. Even if they decide to do so to please their partner, it shows that they are a person who is willing to make changes and compromise in a relationship.”

– Cindy, 30

7. “Never want my partner to feel conscious of his body”

Girls Preference For Hairy Or Shaved GuysFor illustrative purposes only

“Since I don’t like to tell people to change their bodies, I don’t have a preference when it comes to my guy’s pubic hair. This is also because I would hate it if someone were to do the same to me.

I strongly believe that everybody should do what they want without being pressured by society or the people around them. As such, I hate to think that my personal opinions about my partner’s pubic hair situation would make him feel more conscious about himself. 

Sex is something that should be enjoyed, but I think a lot of people are more concerned about how they look in their partners’ eyes, which in turn affects their sex performance and confidence.

That said, I’m all for men who want to groom their pubic hair professionally. Society often associates “hairiness” with “manliness”, and thus, hair removal is often seen as “not manly” because it’s associated with women. 

The same goes for men who were to go to any form of cosmetic salon services to take care of themselves or maintain their hygiene, such as manicures. At the end of the day, whatever you do to your own body should be your choice.”

– Ming Xuan, 24 

These Girls Show That Everyone Has A Different Opinion On Pubic Hair

Whether you’ve shaved, trimmed, or let your pubes run on auto, rest assured there will always be a person who loves the way you are. Everyone will always have something to say about your body, and the best we can do is not let their opinions affect yours. 

Cover: Image courtesy of Cindy, Source

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