Denim Jackets Never Go Out Of Style

Denim jackets have always been cool and are versatile for most occasions. They can add bulk if you are petite, slim you down with a snug fit, and give you that ‘I-really-don’t-care edge’ in stiff situations.

Denim jackets became even more bomb when Alessandro Michele took over the reigns at Gucci in 2015. His embroidered creations heralded us into the 70s and 80s and have been a favourite for A-listers and K-pop stars alike.

Only Yeezus can pull off an embroidered Gucci favourite to a Balmain party while keeping up with the Ks.


These days, almost everyone has a denim jacket, new or old. It’s a great piece to express one’s personality, but what does your denim jacket really say about you?

The vintage with embroidered tribal patterns

You have an old soul that yearns for nostalgia Wes Anderson movies capture. You take time to stop and smell the flowers and occasionally put daisies in your hair. You are that Sound of Music nun but with an iPhone.

The boyfriend jacket

It became yours that fateful night when your boyfriend dragged you home pissed-drunk from Zouk. You realised you had no clothes for the next day while recovering from your hangover.

He kindly draped his jacket over last night’s dress and brought you out to brunch. What a bae. Being single is probably hard for you.

The newly made ‘vintage’

You can’t deal with wearing someone’s used clothes but want to embrace the vintage trend. So you go for the manufactured rough edges and deliberate holes.

It gives you personality without the need for dealing with baggage. You are always ready to shed your past and embrace the new.

The not-so-thicc

You know a denim jacket will fit your cool poly-kid wardrobe well. However, you foresee thick denim might not be suitable for Singapore’s sweltering weather.

So you sourced unique Bangkok night markets and found the perfect not-so-thicc jacket that makes you look stylish while staying cool in Singapore’s humidity.

Now, everybody wants to be your friend at school.

The collarless denim jacket

You are not that typical #baesic friend. In the stale sea of faded denim mediocrity, you aren’t afraid to stand out. Your friends need your fresh take on their toxic relationship and the world could do with more of your wild ideas.

Bjork, Lady Gaga and Ms Piggy are your style icons. You need to start a Pinterest account because you INSPIRE.

The kimono

Your uniqueness makes it difficult for you to fit in to all situations. But there’s an edge about you that draws others in. Still, they want to keep their distance because change is scary for most people.

An ‘Eat Pray Love’ journey might be perfect to balance out your chi and make your unique aura accessible to all.

The trucker with sew-on patches

You wish you lived in Disneyland because reality is harsh. While you await your happily ever after, it isn’t a bad idea to work on your issues. The fairy godmother or Prince Charming you hope to meet might take some time to arrive. But, remember that magic already resides in you.

Bonus: The denim overall

Overalls are denim jackets you wear on your legs instead. You might pull it off or look like a Minion, which isn’t necessarily a terrible thing.

They usually come with extra pockets for your loose change and keys. Very practical and potentially stylish (if you get it right).

Bling Your Denim Jacket Out

Personalise a denim jacket by sewing on patches or bling it out, such as this Saint Laurent piece Taeyang looks so fly in.


But however you choose to style your denim jacket, you do you boo.

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