Dermatologists In Singapore

Think of a dermatologist and you’ll probably imagine a doctor that treats skin conditions like eczema, contact dermatitis and psoriasis. You ain’t wrong. But, dermatologists actually do way more. Many dermatologists are skilled in both medical and cosmetic dermatology, meaning that they also help to reduce acne, sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Regardless of what skin issues you may have, consider getting a consultation with a dermatologist. Perhaps, they’ll have exactly what you need to get the clear, glowy skin of your dreams. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of dermatologists in Singapore for reference

What is the difference between a dermatologist and aesthetician? 

Aesthetic medicine — aka cosmetic dermatology — is actually a subspecialty of dermatology. While dermatologists are medical specialists who have the qualifications to diagnose, treat, and prevent dermatological conditions, aestheticians only handle skin beautification. They are not able to prescribe medication, or provide surgical treatments.

What conditions do a dermatologist treat? 

Dermatologists treat conditions affecting skin, hair, and nails. Common conditions include acne, skin cancers, eczema, psoriasis, and alopecia areata. 

Where to go to see a dermatologist in Singapore? 

Below are the dermatology clinics on this list at a glance: 

Clinic name:  Location:
Stephanie Ho Dermatology  Orchard 
Dermatology & Co Tanglin 
The Dermatology Practice Novena, Orchard, and Tanglin 
Tham Siew Nee Skin Clinic  Tanglin
Angeline Yong Dermatology  Tanglin
Rexults Clinic Orchard
Thomson Specialist Skin Centre Novena
Assurance Skin, Laser & Aesthetics Dermatology Clinic Orchard 

1. Stephanie Ho Dermatology


With 25 years of experience and having treated over 20,000 patients, Dr. Stephanie Ho is equipped to treat whatever skin conditions you may struggle with. She is well-versed in medical dermatology, paediatric dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, and surgical dermatology. 

Head over to her clinic’s website and you’ll find articles on different skin conditions and treatments to better influence your skin needs — like mole removal, skin checking, and scar management.

Address: 9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza, #08-05, Scotts Medical Center, Singapore 228210
Opening hours: 9am to 6pm (Mondays to Fridays) | 9am to 1pm (Saturdays)
Booking: Whatsapp 9641 7895

2. Dermatology & Co


Dermatology & Co seeks to provide all patients with a comfortable, private space to relax while they wait for their consultation. The dermatologists here treat a range of skin conditions, for people of all ages. Think atopic eczema in infants, acne in teens, hair loss in adults, and skin growths in the elderly. 

There are two dermatologists leading the clinic — Dr. Tan Wei Sheng, and Dr. Ker Khor Jia. Both of the doctors have over 12 years of experience each, and will be able to take on any queries you might have. 

Address: 6 Napier Road, #09-07, Gleneagles Medical Centre, Singapore 258499
Opening hours: 8:30am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm (Mondays to Fridays) | 8:30am to 12:30pm (Saturdays)
Booking: Whatsapp 8779 7948|

3. The Dermatology Practice 


Check out The Dermatology Practice if you’re looking for doctors skilled in medical, aesthetic or laser dermatology. According to their website, the practice “emphasises individualised personal care” for all their patients, so rest assured you’ll receive customised treatments 

What’s more, they have four clinics in central Singapore that are located near MRT stations, making it convenient and accessible.

Address: 3 Mount Elizabeth, #13-02, Medical Centre, Singapore 228510 | Camden Medical Centre, 1 Orchard Boulevard, #02-03 Singapore 248649 | 38 Irrawaddy Road, #07-60/61/62, Mount Elizabeth, Novena Hospital, Singapore 329563 | Gleneagles Medical Centre, 6 Napier Road, #04-13, Singapore 258499
Opening hours: 9am to 5:30pm (Mondays to Fridays) | 9am to 12:30pm (Saturdays)
Booking: Fill in the enquiry form here
Website | Instagram

4. Tham Siew Nee Skin Clinic


Tham Siew Nee Skin Clinic is run by two dermatologists in Singapore who are interested in different areas of dermatology. Dr. Tham Siew Nee has an interest in treating skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne whereas Dr. Koh Hong Yi is more keen in Mohs micrographic surgery and cutaneous reconstruction. 

What’s so special about Tham Siew Nee Skin Clinic is that they offer teleconsultations — for those overseas or too busy to travel to the clinic. 

Address: 6 Napier Rd, #07-08 Gleneagles Medical Centre, Singapore 258499
Opening hours: 8:30am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm (Mondays to Fridays) | 8:30am to 1pm (Saturdays)
Booking: Whatsapp 8831 1384
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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5. Angeline Yong Dermatology 


If you have any concerns about your hair or nails, head over to Angeline Yong Dermatology. Dr. Yong specialises in cosmetic dermatology, as well as hair and nail disorders. Before opening her private clinic, she was the lead of hair transplantation at the National Skin Centre — a sure testament to her abilities. 

Besides skin treatments and hair transplantations, Dr. Angeline Yong also offers services like ingrown toenail removal and nail bed biopsies. During a nail bed biopsy, a piece of tissue from your nail bed is removed to test for diseases like cancer.

Address: 6 Napier Road, #02-04/05 Gleneagles Medical Centre, Singapore 258499
Opening hours: 8:30am to 5:30pm (Mondays to Fridays) | 8:30am to 12:30pm (Saturdays)
Booking: Email
Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. Rexults Clinic 


Every session at Rexults Clinic begins with a full consultation with a dermatologist. During the consultation, you’ll learn more about your condition as well as what you can expect from treatment. 

The clinic also offers different programmes for those looking to get clearer, brighter skin. For example, The Rexults Healthy Skin Solution — their signature program — helps patients to achieve even, smooth, and rejuvenated skin, with less fine lines and wrinkles. You can also choose programmes that specifically target a skin concern, like the Acne or Age less program. 

Address: 302 Orchard Road, #17-01, Tong Building, Singapore 238862
Opening hours: 9am to 7pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
Booking: Call 6235 5533
Website | Facebook

7. Thomson Specialist Skin Centre


Dermatologists at Thomson Specialist Skin Centre are trained in many areas, including medical dermatology, aesthetic dermatology, skin cancers, and even sexually transmitted infections. In particular, Dr. Tan Hiok Hee from the clinic has published over 80 journal articles and chapters in dermatology textbooks, proving his extensive knowledge. 

The clinic has also posted a large number of dermatology-related articles — for readers without medical knowledge to understand better on what different treatments entail. On their website, you’ll find articles like “Common Causes Of Skin Pigmentation and Treatment Options” and “4 Misconceptions About Sexually Transmitted Infections”.

Address: 8 Sinaran Drive, #06-04, Novena Specialist Center, Singapore 307470
Opening hours: 8am to 5pm (Mondays to Fridays) | 8am to 12pm (Saturdays)
Booking: Online
Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Assurance Skin, Laser & Aesthetics Dermatology Clinic


Dr. Wong Soon Tee from Assurance Skin, Laser & Aesthetics Dermatology clinic is perhaps the most experienced dermatologist mentioned on this list. With over 30 years of experience, he aims to provide the best care and teach patients about skin health. Consider heading to his clinic if you struggle with eczema and psoriasis, since he has a special interest in these skin conditions. 

Address: Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Center, #10-22 / 23, 38 Irrawaddy Rd, Singapore 329563
Opening hours: 9am to 5pm (Mondays to Wednesdays and Fridays) | 9am to 1pm (Thursdays) | 9am to 12:30pm (Saturdays)
Booking: Online

Can I wear sunscreen to a dermatologist? 

Yes. Before your trip to the dermatologist, you can apply your skincare products as per usual — since these products do not hinder the dermatologist from examining your skin. However, you should avoid wearing makeup and nail polish. 

Consult With These Dermatologists In Singapore To Finally Ease Your Skincare Concerns 

Skincare is complicated, to say the least. Sometimes, seeing a professional will get you the help you need and deserve. 

All the doctors on this list of dermatologists in Singapore have a wealth of experience, so rest assured that you’ll be in good hands. 

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