Fake Calvin Klein Misspellings

As a K-pop fan myself, I understand the excitement fans feel when their favourite oppa accidentally exposes their skin on stage while performing. Sometimes you might be treated to a peek at their well-toned abs or even the waistband of their underwear. 

While fans of Chinese idol Mu Ziyang recently had the pleasure of witnessing the latter, they ended up poking fun at him after noticing that he was wearing a Calvin Klein underwear knock-off. If you plan to replicate his “look” or surprise bae with a gag gift, below is a list of underwear with hilarious Calvin Klein misspellings for inspiration. 

1. Cailv Kenli

Calvin Klein MisspellingsSource

Cailv Kenli is your go-to if you want to recreate the look by Mu Ziyang. Apart from red, the underwear knock-off also comes in a variety of colours like black, navy, and white. 

2. Caiwen Kani


We’re not sure how Calvin Klein evolved into Caiwen Kani, but in terms of design, they show similarities such as a thick waistband and block letterings. 

3. Ghlain Klain


Rest assured that ladies can also join the “fun”. Enter Ghlain Klain, a female underwear knock-off that is retailing at an actual store in Spain. Though we’re unsure if customers know that they are replicas of Calvin Klein, it is not surprising if some confuse it with an actual brand. 

4. Calvin Klain

Calvin Klein MisspellingsSource

Calvin Klain might actually be the closest we are getting to the actual product on this list ‒ the alphabet ‘e’ is simply replaced with an ‘a’. 

5. Calvni Kelin

Calvin Klein MisspellingsSource

The chance of you receiving imitation underwear despite paying for the real deal is rather low, but one Singaporean man didn’t have such luck. Instead of Calvin Klein, he received underwear that read “Calvni Kelin” from Lazada, and wasn’t provided with a refund. Yikes.

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6. Canlin Kenlin

Calvin Klein MisspellingsSource

A quick search on Taobao, and you’ll notice that there are tons of Calvin Klein underwear replicas. One of them is Canlin Kenlin, which actually appears rather decent since the products come individually packed in a tin can. 

7. Caini Kaier

Calvin Klein MisspellingsSource

Yes, we all agree that BTS Jungkook is hot AF in Calvin Klein’s ads, and there’s a small part of us that wishes our bae can pull off the look too. If you plan to experiment with the style on your partner, Caini Kaier is a strong contender thanks to its similar designs to the American fashion brand. 

8. Caiwen Kelun

Calvin Klein MisspellingsSource

For the unacquainted, Calvin Klein is known for their simple and clean underwear designs. But if you’re looking for fancier options, Caiwen Kelun stands out with their loud and colourful styles. 

9. Cailu Kenli

Calvin Klein MisspellingsSource

If not for the obvious misspellings like Cailu Kenli, you have to admit that these replicas score 10 out of 10 for coming up with classy packaging that is worthy as a gift.  

10. Cbiav Klnai 


At this point, we’re not sure if this knock-off brand is even trying to replicate the actual fashion brand. Seriously, Cbiav Klnai? One would think that the knock-off got its name from a keyboard smash.

These Calvin Klein Misspellings Suggest The Demand For Counterfeit Designer Goods 

While the aforementioned Calvin Klein replicas are just for laughs, we don’t support the purchase of counterfeit goods since it only encourages the violation of copyright law. But if you do decide to get knock-offs, the best way to avoid getting caught in an awkward situation is to wear them at home. 

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