Female Tattoo Artists Singapore

Gone are the days when we’d hear that women shouldn’t have tattoos because it isn’t “appropriate” or “ladylike”. These female tattoo artists in Singapore helped pave the path to challenge that stereotype, and also show us how it is done #likeaboss with style and confidence.

1. Victoria Woon, @hellotako

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Victoria’s known for minimalist monochrome tattoos, ranging from dotwork to geometric patterns. She’s skilled in both machine and handpoke tattooing, and offers her customers a wide variety of flash designs, available on her Instagram highlights. 

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2. Lee Wai Leng, @fleecircus

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Lee Wai Leng’s tattoos bring out the beauty of nature with her simplistic designs, no matter if it’s a fierce tiger or a small bumblebee. She also specialises in edgy tattoos such as spiders, demons and fantasy characters. 

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3. Maxine Ng, @maxinengps

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Maxine specialises in delicate botanical-themed tattoos that give the illusion of being paper-thin. If you’re looking for extra large floral tattoos to add to your back, chest or thighs, a quick look at her Instagram page will reveal why Maxine should be your go-to. 

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4. Krunch, @krunch.tt

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Krunch is a tattoo artist that’s praised for her meticulous work, with detailed fine line tattoos and shading. She’s open to working on all types of custom designs too, no matter if it’s a two-headed calf or a large dragon tattoo. 

Heads up for pet lovers: Krunch occasionally brings her adorable pets to the studio. You can expect to see both her dog and cat keeping you company while you’re getting inked. 

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5. Esther Chiu, @ecstacytat2s

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Fine lines and Korean-style tattoos are Esther’s forte. This detail is especially important for Esther’s customers who are looking to do tiny tattoos, but still want the nitty gritty details in them. She also loves doing custom matching tattoo designs for couples, besties and family members. 

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6. Yan Yan, @yanyan.tattoo

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Yan Yan prides herself in her unique art style: crayon-like tattoos. She’s no stranger to tattooing cute and colourful pieces that seem to appear straight out of a children’s sticker book. Some of her flash designs include cute dinosaurs, Sanrio characters and colourful flowers. 

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7. Catt, @44catt  

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Dainty pieces such as letterwork, floral tattoos and ornaments are Catt’s usual style. Her designs tend to combine the elements of the feminine and the fierce together, resulting in gorgeous fine line tattoos that will leave you in awe. 

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8. Tatiana, @inkbytati

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Taitana describes her art style as “grunge and abstract”, with flash pieces showcasing insects, mutated eyes and crying characters. She’s also active on TikTok with over 47,000 followers, and loves sharing about her unique designs and the behind-the-scenes of her tattoo journey.  

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9. Casiline Ang, @caseiline_tattooinks

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Casiline is a Thai-Singaporean mixed-race tattoo artist who specialises in cartoon characters with vibrant colours. Her flash pieces are mostly inspired by Japanese culture, with stunning designs of Pokémon, Daruma and cherry blossoms.

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10. See Min Ng, @henn.drawn

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See Min is one of the most unique “tattoo” artists in Singapore because all of her tattoos are only temporary. For those who love the aesthetics of a tattoo but can’t fully commit to getting one, you can start with See Min’s handdrawn tattoos that are safely done with henna. She also conducts beginner workshops for aspiring henna artists to explore the world of jagua art. 

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Female Tattoo Artists In Singapore

With their own style and substance, these girls are redefining the way we look at tattoos and the industry. Whether you’re looking to get inked or not, these ladies show us that it’s alright to march to the beat of your own drum—and rock your distinct style.

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This article was first published on 20 April 2017 by Naeha Sitara and last updated by Nicole Yong on 7 June 2024.

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