Female Tattoo Artists Singapore

Gone are the days when we’d hear that women shouldn’t have tattoos because it isn’t “appropriate” or “ladylike”. These female tattoo artists in Singapore helped pave the path to challenge that stereotype, and also show us how it is done #likeaboss with style and confidence.

1. Victoria Woon, Killswitch Tattoo Parlour

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Victoria’s known for minimalist monochrome tattoos, ranging from dotwork to geometric patterns.

For more of her designs, visit her Instagram.

2. Sumithra Debi (Su), Exotic Tattoos & Piercings

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The owner of Exotic Tattoos & Piercings, Su is the granddaughter of Singapore’s pioneer tattoo artist, the late Johnny Two-Thumbs. Su has done tattoos for breast cancer patients FOC and hopes to establish a tattoo outlet solely catering to serve female clientele.

For more of her designs, visit her Instagram.

3. Lee Wai Leng, Fleecircus

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Known for her delicate and whimsical looking art pieces, Lee Wai Leng’s tattoos bring out the beauty in simplistic designs.

For more of her designs, visit her Instagram.

4. Maxine Ng, Iron Fist Tattoo

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Maxine from Iron Fist Tattoo specialises in botanical-themed tattoos that give the illusion of being delicately paper-thin. Totally Tumblr-worthy!

For more of her designs, visit her Instagram.

5. Anthea Tan, Ratking

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Attention all vegans: Anthea is the woman for you! She uses only vegan ink instead of those with “nasty chemicals”. Known for her sassy wit, her favourite quote is, “As usual I tattoo your children”.

For more of her designs, visit her Instagram.

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6. Peenut Lee, Vagabond Tattoo

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Peenut of Vagabond Ink first started out as a painter and has since transferred her sketches from paper to skin. What sets her apart from other tattoo artists is her distinctive colourful and sketchy style of tattoos.

For more of her designs, visit her Instagram.

7. Apple Qu, Memory Lane Tattoo

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Apple’s tattoo artwork is a unique blend of traditional watercolour paintings with modern tattoo art. Apple is also fondly nicknamed “The Phoenix” to honour her breakthrough in the tattoo industry.

For more of her designs, visit her website and Memory Lane Tattoo Studio on Instagram.

8. Valerie Yang, Vagabond Tattoo

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Valerie Yang, the ladyboss of Vagabond Tattoo, specialises in delicate yet detailed tattoo patterns, including letter work.

For more of her designs, visit her Instagram.

9. Jenn Tan, Visual Orgasm

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Jenn Tan has established her tattooing career in handwritten script and linework. She has also ventured into geometry, dotwork and watercolour designs.

For more of her designs, visit her Instagram.

 10. Jocelyn Leow, Horikawa Tattoos


While Jocelyn is well known for adding animal and botanical elements into her artwork, her work also showcases hints of femininity and her love for symmetrical objects.

For more of her designs, visit her Instagram.

Female Tattoo Artists

With their own style and substance, these girls are redefining the way we look at tattoos and the industry. Whether you’re looking to get inked or not, these ladies show us that it’s alright to march to the beat of your own drum—and rock your distinct style.

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