Singapore Fashion Trends 

Welcome to the 21st century. While fashion is a form of creative expression, some trends can only be pulled off by brave souls…provided they can answer Ah Ma’s ‘WTF’ (Why This Fashun?) questions.

1. See-through Boots


This trend popularised by Kim K goes up to USD$2000 on eBay.

Ah Mas would say, “Why spend so much money on this, just make your own with NTUC clear plastic bags. That one I take for free.”

2. Ripped Jeans Boots


Just when you thought distressed jeans were distressing enough for Ah Ma, wait till she sees this.

These ripped thigh high boots will have Ah Ma screaming, “Aiyo girl why your shoes have so many holes? Let me sew for you.”

3. Pre-distressed Shoes


These USD$585 sneakers are meant to pay homage to the American West Coast skate culture. But to Ah Ma, “They’re so old already, just throw. Suay ah.”

If you want to splurge on dirty and damaged shoes, come buy my “white” converse shoes that I’ve been using since 2012. Confirm plus chop the wear and tear will be more authentic than this one here.

4. Bralettes as Crop Tops


A bralette is a bra without wires or molded cups. They have thin or lacy straps like regular bras, and provide reasonable support for women with small to average size busts.

Now you know that bralette ≠ crop top. This way you can stop Ah Ma from asking, “Girl ah, why you wearing bra as a top.”

5. Booty Shorts

The picture is too haram for me to put here LMAO (pun intended), but we all know how it looks.

All Ah Ma is thinking about is, “Girl, isit you bought the wrong size?”

6. See-through Clothing


Needs no explanation.

7. Bodysuits


This new and improved version even comes with buttons at your tra la la for more toilet accessibility…

I know having a ‘Daddy Kink’ is all the rage now but fo realz tho, this is taking it a bit too far.

“Why you want to look like a baby. So you need to wear underwear or not?”

8. Yeezy “Sock Boots”


This Yeezy knit ankle boots is worth USD$725. But to Ah Ma, she might say, “girl, why you wear socks as shoes?”

9. Over-oversized Everything


It’s Asian tradition to buy clothes that are two sizes too big so that you can wear it for the next five years. But there’s a difference between oversized clothes and over-oversized clothes.

As Ah Ma would say, “You trying to fit your entire family inside is it?”

10. Expensive Slogan Tees


All dem Ah Mas be like, “Kids these days forget how to obey parents, but can buy plain T-shirt with Obey word for $100. This shirt remind them. Good.”

11. Athleisure


“Girl, you going exercise or going out?”
“Going out to exercise lah.”

12. The Ever-slipping Cardigan


Cardigans are usually worn to keep you warm or cover your shoulders in sleeveless clothing. What most Ah Mas don’t get is the need to subtly show off one shoulder.

“Girl ah, why you never wear your cardigan properly. Later fall sick, so cold.”

13. Low-rise Jeans


Thank god this trend died in the early 2000s.

“Girl, why your panties showing?”
“Ah Ma, fashion lah, you don’t know.”

14. Off-shoulder Tops

The usual off-shoulder tops are cute and flirty. But there’s something wrong when your sleeves are hanging on for dear life with a thin piece of fabric.

“Girl ah, is it your sleeves spoil.”


15. Clothes with Huge Cutouts


That moment when you think it looks “trendy” but in fact, the manufacturer was just trying to cut cost.

And regardless of how good you look in that dress, all Ah Ma can think about is “Aiyo why her clothes tear here, tear there.”

16. Choker-gone-wrong Trend

Source, Source

Chokers of acceptable sizes can look good. But it seems that the phrase “The Bigger the Better” has never been more abused as it is today. Some chokers almost look like neck braces.

“Girl ah, aiyo your neck pain? Come I rub tiger balm for you.”

17. Camel-toe more like Camel-NO


The latest Japanese trend seems to be showcasing one’s camel-toe, intentionally.

Show your Ah Ma this and she won’t have any words for you. Instead it’ll be her hand doing the talking.

18. Round Eyeglasses


You may wanna channel those indie hipster vibes but, “Ah girl ah, why you want to look like Ah Ma. Ah Ma wear dis cos no choice!”

19. Half Shaved Hairstyle


Ah Mas be like, “Why young people these days can’t decide if want to cut botak or not. Or is it they too stress?”

Haters Gonna Hate

Regardless of how much the older generation can’t appreciate modern fashion trends, you must understand that back in those days, your grandmothers thought that their fashion trends were the bomb. But to us, some were absolutely tragic.

So to each their own. You do you boo.