(G)I-DLE Pop-Up Singapore

Last October, K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE held their concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium with tickets that sold out almost instantly. For Singaporean Neverlands who have missed the five talented idols since then, you’ll be in for a new treat at Orchard Central — a (G)I-DLE pop-up store. 

Located at the PLAY LINE FRIENDS store, aka where the previous NewJeans pop-up was, fans will be able to get exclusive (G)I-DLE merch in line with their latest album “2”, snap photos with posters and try their hand at a gachapon machine.

The pop-up

(G)I-DLE Pop-Up

Not to worry about not being able to spot the store from afar — a huge poster of the five (G)I-DLE members decked in sparkly crowns at the entrance will draw attention. 

Inside, a TV display showcasing their iconic music videos and dance performances is placed in the center of a metallic photo wall. Now you can belt out to bops like “Queencard” and “Wife” while shopping for merch.

(G)I-DLE Pop-Up

Don’t miss out on another photo wall featuring all the members located inside the store. Feel free to strike a pose in between Minnie and Shuhua, and pretend that you’re the 6th member of (G)I-DLE.

Feel like a Super Lady while collecting their line of girlboss-themed merch inspired by their album visuals, ranging from keyrings and standees to sticker packs and posters.

Tees, hoodies and caps are also available in chic black hues and featuring (G)I-DLE’s group logo on the front. Its minimalist and subtle design is perfect for Neverlands who want to don an everyday look while rooting for the girls.

(G)I-DLE Pop-Up

There’s something for every type of fan here — including the hardcore photocard collectors. Safely store your rare photocards in the collect books and top loader sets. The latter even comes with holographic Super Lady-themed stickers to decorate your bias’ selfie. 

Additional items

(G)I-DLE Pop-Up

With a minimum of $50 spent in a single receipt, fans can also have a go at the gachapon machine located next to the cashier. Here, you’ll stand a chance to win a special photocard of the girls — lucky me, I managed to pull Mi-Yeon, who looks absolutely stunning in her selfie.

That’s not all — you can also stand to get either two autographed posters or two photocards when you redeem a random photocard from the machine. Buy one get two free? What a steal.

For both hypebeasts and K-pop stans alike, you’ll also be delighted to know that the new BT21 x FRGMT collection is also available in-store. The collection stars tees, caps and the character dolls in FRGMT’s signature lightning logo as their eyes.

The Exclusive (G)I-DLE Pop-Up Store Will Be At Orchard Central Until 26 May 2024

Unlike SoYeon, not all of us just casually have red five diamonds in my bag, but we can certainly add merch of these five charming girls to our bags any day. This new (G)I-DLE pop-up store will be available at Orchard Central from now until 26 May 2024, while stocks last. 

For more information, stay tuned to Forward Creation’s Instagram page.

(G)I-DLE Pop-Up In Singapore
Address: PLAY LINE FRIENDS, 181 Orchard Rd, #01-09, Singapore 238896
Period: 1 March to 26 May 2024
Time: 11am to 10pm daily

All images courtesy of the writer.

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