Being Cheated On

*Names were changed to protect identities.

Besides the fear of their partner getting tired of them and failing to fit in with their partner’s family, being cheated on is one of the greatest fears girls have when in a relationship.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes cheating does happen and the emotional fall out is devastating.

But there’s a silver lining in every cloud; taking the step to leave is to recognise our self-worth and an act of self-care. Here are stories of girls who did get cheated on, and made the choice to leave.

1. “Threw him a birthday surprise only to see a girl in his car”

It was my ex-boyfriend’s birthday and I’d gathered up a bunch of his friends to surprise him with cake. He told me he was having dinner with his family so I decided to drop by.

At 11.00pm, I sent a text to his Dad and informed him we were coming over. When his Dad let us in, my ex was surprised to see us there. He told us he would be right back and needed to get something from his car.

As I waited for him on the balcony, I spotted him helping another girl out of his car. Turns out he went for dinner with her, not his family. I got up and left.
Lora, 26

2. “Caught him making out furiously with a girl in a club”

My ex has regular guys’ nights with his boys. We share are a group of mutual friends, so I was never worried.

One Friday night, he texted me he was going drinking with his buddies since I was going out with mine. I replied, “Okay have fun babe” and didn’t think anything of it.

Fast forward a couple of hours later, I was dancing in a club with my friends. And that’s when I saw my ex furiously making out with a random girl. Both his hands were down her pants.

I asked the bartender for a glass of water, walked over calmly, and splashed water on his face.
Andrea, 27

3. “Opened an ‘I love you’ text on his phone”

My phone was dead so I borrowed my husband’s phone to contact someone. While texting, I got a message that said, “I love you too”. Just like that, divorced.
Pei Ying, 27

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4. “Faked his uncle’s death to talk to a girl”

We were on holiday when he told me his uncle had died; he was upset and wanted to stay in the Airbnb that day.

He spent the whole morning on his phone. My gut feeling told me not to trust him. So when he went out to get lunch, I opened his Facebook messenger. Turns out, he had been trading flirty messages and inappropriate pictures with some girl.

I immediately texted him that he needed to return ASAP. He still had the cheek to reply, “Oh shit what’s wrong babe?” When he got back, I dumped him. The worst part was we travelled together for another five weeks.
Patricia, 25

5. “Contracted an STD”

My ex slept with another girl and got an STD because she kena the STD but never told him. I found out when he started itching. Thank God, I’m fine.
Kylie, 23

6. “Confronted by one of his three side chicks”

This happened to my girlfriend, *Amanda. She was chilling her boyfriend’s place when a random girl showed up and confronted her. The girl introduced as herself as his side bae and told Amanda that she wanted to be together with her boyfriend.

At that moment, Amanda was more confused than hurt; she knew her boyfriend was cheating on her and was waiting for the right moment to expose him. But the side bae that came up to her wasn’t who she was expecting.

Turns out her dude had three side baes.
Jiaying, 24

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7. “Got sent me a pic of him and his side chick”

A few weeks after my ex and I got together, he started distancing himself from me. At first, he asked if we could meet only once a week, then once every two weeks, before eventually going off the radar.

I tried to be an understanding girlfriend because I thought he was busy with work. When we finally decided to meet and go to a vinyl sale, he bailed last minute. He told me he was swamped with work.

But after the event, my friend sent me a photo of him getting cosy with this other chick at the SAME sale.

He recently contacted me by sending me a meme followed by a “Hey I saw you at Macpherson the other day. Do you work around the area now? Wanna grab macs soon?”. Thanks, but no thanks.
Pearl, 27

8. Saw he downloaded WeChat to talk to a hooker”

My then boyfriend took a day trip to JB with his bros. One of his friends suggested they go to a massage parlour he frequented.

When they arrived, my ex realised it was a lupsup massage place which encouraged patrons to get ‘happy endings’. Turns out, his friend had been cheating on his wife with one of girls for a while.

My idiot of an ex-boyfriend saw his friend requesting ‘extra services’ and decided to “just try only”. I found out because he downloaded WeChat to text the girl.
Fiona, 27

9. “Synced iCloud revealed NSFW videos with other girls”

I was at my ex’s house hanging out. We decided we wanted to watch Netflix so I asked him to pass me his MacBook.

He then went to the bathroom and asked me to choose a movie. While browsing, his iCloud synced. The photo gallery popped up and I found out he had a made a collection of nasty sex videos. The girls in the films were not me.
Sara, 25

Dealing With Cheating Partners

Being cheated on always hurts, and it’s not always the men who cheat. If you’ve unfortunately gone through such an experience, we’re sorry boo, but you deserve so much better.

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