Drunk Nights with Girlfriends

Ah, drunk nights. Where do we begin? The nights we drowned our teenage sorrows and clinked our glasses with ‘liquid courage’ to make bad decisions. The nights we stammered “you lewk *burp* so pweety” to strangers in the girls’ toilet and leopard-crawled to save our friends who fainted in the cubicles.

While we’ll always hate the recollection of puking and dealing with morning hangovers, we have to admit that some of these nights make the most significant memories to #throwback with a giggle. But not every girl can get away with only a hangover.

From iPhone pictures as evidence, 10 girls recalled their most rabak experiences and shared them with us.

*names were changed to protect identities

They remember me as the “Wheelchair Girl at Hai Di Lao”

I was drinking the entire night before heading to the club, where I downed at least ten tequila shots at the club and demanded to eat at Hai Di Lao. On the way up to the restaurant, I was still busy grinding against the lift’s glass doors. After less than five minutes at Hai Di Lao, I fell asleep and couldn’t wake up. I had to be wheeled out to the Clarke Quay taxi stand. Since then, I’ve been known as the ‘Wheelchair Girl At Hai Di Lao’.
Gwendolyn, 25

I punched the wrong guy

I was drunk outside a club when my girlfriend said, “This is the guy who punched me and my boyfriend last time!”. I started shouting, “Who, who, who!?” before charging towards the guy. Next thing I knew, everyone was blocking me and pulling him away. Even though the cops pulled up, I continued to throw punches at him. When I was being dragged home by my friends, I walked past a guy wearing the same colour tee as him, and I swung my bag at him full-force. Turns out it wasn’t him.
Jennifer, 25

The Adventures of Wonder Woman and Black Widow

It was Halloween 2015 and my friends and I went to the club as superheroes—I was Wonder Woman and she was Black Widow. When we were on the dance floor, my friend tried to steal a bottle of Bacardi from someone’s table. The guy at the table caught her and went into a drunken rage. He grabbed a bottle and threw it at her head. When it hit her, she was too seh and kept saying, “Ouch, I think someone hit me.” There was a lot of blood, and a bouncer had to help her out while calling for an ambulance. She had to go to the hospital because her wound needed stitches, so the two of us went down to SGH in our tight bright superhero costumes. Embarrassing AF.
Wonder Woman, 23

I puked all over the DJ console

I did the usual pre-drinking before going to a club and drank a lot. When I was near the DJ console, I ended up vomiting all over the place. After that, I passed out and couldn’t budge at all. I was sent out to the staff area on a stretcher until my friends finally got me a cab home.
Gina, 23

Got into a fight with the ‘Siam Diu’ boss

I went with a group of friends to a Thai disco. One of my friend’s dad is friends with the boss, so we got VIP treatment and loads of drinks—the boss even joined us. Unfortunately, one of my guy friends decided to hit on a girl at our table. Surprise surprise, she was the boss’ girlfriend. The boss punched my friend while he was still making a move on her. We ran out of there as fast as we could after the boss threatened to call his gang on us.
Kitty, 22

I woke up with glass and blood on me

It was my first time clubbing. My friends were quite experienced so they told me that for my first time, I had to drink a lot. Around my ninth shot, my vision started to go black. That was the last thing I remembered before waking up in a stranger’s attic, with glass shards and blood at the back of my head. Obviously, I panicked and texted my friend to ask if he knew where I was. Apparently, I was at his friend’s house and had completely lost it last night. The glass and blood were from a bottle that I had fallen on the night before.
Jenny, 21

Got into a fist fight with a ‘minah

We were chilling outside Canvas having a smoke when a group of girls started accusing me of stealing one of their phones. They insisted on searching us and our bags— airport security kind of body check. We were fuming but we let them so they would leave us alone. When they walked away, I drunkenly said, “Ya la, nobody wants your minah ass here.” She turned around and got all up in my face. One of them even punched my girlfriend in the face, so she called the police on them. When the police arrived, they suddenly acted apologetic and confused. What’s even better is that we discovered one of the drunk girls actually had the phone the whole time.
AJ, 22

Got too starstruck by Noah Yap

I was drunk and bumped into Noah Yap at Velvet. I’m not really a big fan of his but I felt excited to see a Youtuber (blame it on the alcohol). So I stumbled up to him while waving like a fangirl. Then, I accidentally dipped my entire hand into his drink. Needless to say, he was really pissed off. A week later, I read in the papers that he was being sent to DB for taking cannabis.
KY, 21

Pilates at the club

I went clubbing with my friend on her birthday, and she got super smashed so I lost her for a few hours. Around closing time, I went to the toilet and the toilet aunty asked if my friend was in the cubicle and whether I could get her out. She was completely passed out and couldn’t wake up to open the door, so I had to leopard crawl on the toilet floor to get inside and pull her out. What are friends for right?
Kit, 24

I was accused of being a pervert

At Zouk, I bumped into my friend who was pretty smashed. I asked him if he needed to head to the toilet. He said yes so I brought him into the male toilet to help him puke. When we came out, the bouncer was shouting, “You cannot be inside here!”. I just laughed (I was pretty high too, mind you) and told him to relax. But he was damn triggered and asked if I was a pervert and threatened to call the police. I quickly said, “Okay, don’t call the popo please,” and rushed off. I got my friend a cab home and he’s eternally grateful—he better be! Look at all the shame I went through to be a bro.
Nessa, 21

Partying in Singapore

After reading all these epic stories, you’ll never know how disastrous an impromptu night can turn out. So girls, even if you have reliable girlfriends, stay safe and look after yourself when you drink—lest you end up at SGH or kena STOMP.

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