The Perfect Girlfriend

“So what’s your ideal type?”

Second to “WHO DO YOU LIKE NOW, TELL ME”, this is probably the most common question in every round of a HTHT (heart to heart talk). Girls can sniff out the things men do that turn them on from a mile away, but they can be clueless when it comes to knowing what truly matters to men. Even Bruno Mars sang, “Sad to think that she don’t see what I see.”

So instead of harping on how fat you look after flipping through a women’s magazine, we decided to ask 20 Singaporean men on what they think makes a good girlfriend.

Someone he can do ‘bro’ things with

When she’s not just my girlfriend, but my best friend as well. Someone I can do absolutely nothing with and chat about ridiculous stuff with, as opposed to only doing the lovey dovey things. Someone I can “bro” with and who’s willing to spend time with my friends.
Billy, 23

Able to remain calm in fights

Somebody who laughs at my jokes and calms me down during fights. She should give me the space I need for me-time and know when to show me attention. I’d also love to have someone more intelligent than me.
Solomon, 25


Respects his parents

A lot of girls these days rarely greet their partner’s parents when they go over. So my girlfriend has to be respectful to my parents and enjoy doing things with my family (like watching tv) without constantly being on her phone.
Derrick, 25

Someone who genuinely loves my family, not doing it just to make an impression. She cares deeply for the people I love and makes an effort to be a part of their lives, not just mine. If she understands how much family means to me, she’d know that her relationship with them matters to me just as much as the relationship she and I both share.
Simon, 26

Able to carry meaningful conversations

Someone with whom you can genuinely enjoy every minute of a long conversation with. If she’s able to share meaningful conversation, not just superficial small talk, she’s a keeper. It shows that she is skilful at relating to people, but more importantly it is also a sign of mutual chemistry.
Marcus, 27

She must be able to banter with me, which requires a lot of similarity in wavelength and chemistry.
Daniel, 23

It’s important to be sociable and have people skills so she won’t be awkward in group settings. She has to be able to mix with my friends and family without me constantly worrying about her.
Victor, 22

Know what’s for dinner

She has to know where to eat when I ask her. It shows me she’s not fickle-minded and is able to make decisions when the time calls for it. I don’t want to spend 15 minutes walking to and fro from different food outlets. By the way, 15 minutes is an eternity when a man’s starving.
Falliq, 22

Be marriage material

She has to be mature. When I get into a relationship, it’s with marriage in mind. So I have to be sure that she can deal with all the responsibilities and struggles life comes with.
Rauff, 27

She should have eyes only for me and a heart that beats compassion. For starters, just see how she treats her parents. Plus, it’s a major bonus if she’s a decent chef.
Benjamin, 27

When she’s able to trust him

She must be able to trust me to be around other girls.
Axel, 27

She has to be loyal. I must be able to trust that no matter who she meets or goes out with, I’m the one that she chooses to be with in the end. And that she’ll protect our relationship no matter who may try to come between us.
Dylan, 22

Someone caring, understanding and trusting. At times, she might not fully understand why I do some things, but she needs to be able to trust that it’s for the better. Let’s be realistic, looks play a part but only to a certain extent. You’ll often end up with somebody that looks nowhere close to your physical ideals. After all, science says that people tend to find others who have similar features to themselves attractive.
Stephan, 26


Understands his struggles

I understand how guys are expected to take care and be protective of their girlfriends, but I love it when girls can show you they care just as much. Even small gestures like offering a foot massage because she knows you had a bad day at work.
Andy, 25

When she’s able to compromise. We may both lead our own lives and jobs, so it’s important that we’re able to keep the relationship going despite differing schedules and commitments and grow together.
Russ, 24

Sharing common ground…and being weird together

I’m a die hard movie lover. So if a girl is a real movie addict like me and is well versed with Star Wars or Lord of The Rings, then that would really grab my attention.
Timothy, 27

I take my faith very seriously, I look for the same thing in my girlfriend as well. She should be a solid woman of God.
Scott, 25

She must be as weird as me—so when we both can laugh at the lamest things, and when nothing I say creeps her out. Everybody has quirks of their own, we just have to find someone whose weirdness complements ours.
Anderton, 21

Be honest about feelings

She must be transparent with me and share anything that’s on her mind that may be bothering her, be it personal issues or problems involving our relationship. I want to know everything she feels in her heart.
Ian, 21

Or she can just have a nice butt

Have a great ass.
Haris, 28

Singaporean Girlfriends

At the end of the day, ideals are just ideals. So we shouldn’t focus all our energy into searching for something (or someone) that doesn’t exist.

So girls, guys aren’t all that shallow. Physical attraction helps to form initial connection, but to them, girls with substance hold their attention for the long haul.