Cute Guy Traits

Girls are simple creatures, despite what’s said about our enigmatic gender. We’ve done you the pleasure of gathering quirks, habits or general characteristics that prove you don’t need to be a Calvin Klein model to get our attention.



When guys…

Smize; that smirk wink thing, but only if they know how. Do this wrong and it immediately goes from cute to creepy real quick.
Nic, 19



When a guy licks his lips. Wonder what dat tongue do.
Eunice, 24




When a guy stretches or reaches over to grab something and you can see the defined ‘V’ shape pelvic muscle at his waistline.
Qian, 24

When he isn’t a gamer. So he can reply my damn texts.
G, 20

Guys with nice arms

There’s something about a man with strong arms and sleeves rolled up. I could imagine him lifting me up and being in control. Bonus points if his veins are protruding…I don’t know what kind of heavy-duty work he has been doing, but I want to be it.
Ness, 24

Big hands and if he drives manual.
Veron, 23

Protective guys

When you spot a cute guy while walking down the street and they get a bit jealous so they hold you a little closer.
Nat, 19

When a guy is possessive of me and calls me his. Or babygirl—even when it’s in a joking kind of tone. I like knowing he’s proud to have me and isn’t afraid of showing me off.
Elaine, 20

When he stands behind me to block people from peeping up my skirt when we go up an escalator, or when we stand at the edge of a glass barrier.
Audrey, 26

Family men

When he has a sister, and better yet, is close to her—because there’s a higher chance he’ll be sensitive to girls’ needs. He’ll probably understand what they can be like behind closed doors or without makeup on.
Germaine, 20

Guys who dress to impress

When I notice that he still makes an effort to dress well around me even when we get comfortable. Plus points if they’ve good style or wear things that accentuate their body types—makes me want to look at them more.
Simran, 22

When you’re out with him and casually mention that you like flannel or something then notice him wearing more flannel. It shows me that he cares what I think of him.
Siti, 19

When they wear joggers and you can see the outline of their bulge. It’s so hard not to stare.
Chrissie, 24

Driven guys

Being ambitious and knowing what he wants in life shows that he’s far-sighted. Having goals is a huge turn-on.
Aryn, 20

Decisiveness. I tend to overthink on a daily basis and I just want my guy to make decisions for me even if it’s where to eat. Especially when girls are naturally indecisive, it helps take things off our minds.
Farah, 19

Well-groomed guys

It’s really manly and hot when a guy has full facial hair and can pull it off. But if it’s just a few strands I’d rather he shave them off.
Emily, 20



When they smell nice, because it means they take care of themselves. Good hygiene is important and it’s kinda hot if a guy perspires a lot but still smells nice; like even his natural odour is attractive LOL.
Clara, 20

Guys who know how to pay a compliment

I don’t need you to tell me I’m a “solid 9 out of 10” but a good, thoughtful compliment can really make an impression.
Kat, 24

Funny guys

When they have a good sense of humour and know how to tease you in a playful way, I die a little inside. I’d like to know that they can handle it when I joke around with them too.
Claudia, 22

Honest guys

I appreciate an honest guy ‘cause I need him to tell me if my eyebrows aren’t evenly drawn or if I’ve something in my teeth.
Dayna, 22

The Perfect Guy

There’s no cookie-cutter definition of the perfect man because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But smelling nice and knowing what kind of jeans look good on you is something that every guy can achieve, and we girls certainly appreciate it.

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