Greenland-Themed Mahjong Set

Mahjong sets come in all sorts of designs and patterns. And for mahjong collectors who love to collect ‘em all as if they are Pokémon, there’s always the joy of discovering a new set that is an absolute must-have. For some, it might be this unique Greenland-themed mahjong set, featuring tiles that are hand-carved and hand-painted.

The mahjong set

Greenland-Themed Mahjong Set

While the traditional mahjong tiles are already inspired by nature motifs such as bamboos and flowers, this Greenland mahjong set takes these designs to the next level with an artsy makeover. It features Greenland cultural elements such as berries, kayak, the island shape, animals, floral and landscapes.

Greenland-Themed Mahjong Set

Be careful not to pong too hard in excitement, as it isn’t easy to create this mahjong set. One set takes around two months in production plus another two weeks for international delivery. The tiles are 50% hand-carved and 50% laser-engraved with fine lines. 

Each tile is also 100% hand-painted — a precise and careful process that discourages mass production and material wastage. 

Despite the slight difference in tile designs as compared to traditional tiles, you’ll still be able to recognise the familiar character, wind, floral and season tiles all the same.

Each set comes in a light blue box with four additional blank tiles, wind indicators and dice. It will also include a certificate of authenticity signed with a serial number, so you can flex your one-of-a-kind mahjong set to your kakis.

Greenland-Themed Mahjong Set

This beautifully crafted Greenland-themed mahjong set aims to bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art. Since it’s a literal art piece, buyers can also opt to get it with a custom-made wooden frame to display it on their wall at home.

Note that each mahjong set weighs 5.3kg, so it’s important to ensure that the screws used to hang this frame are secure enough to support its weight.

This Chio Greenland-Themed Mahjong Set Will Offer Peace & Tranquility During Your Game

The Greenland-themed mahjong set is available on Karen Aruba’s website at USD$1,248.76 (~SGD$1657.60), and ships directly to Singapore. While mahjong is typically played loudly and with gusto, perhaps these soothing nature motifs will ensure you win a peaceful man tai zi mo in your next game. 

Karen Aruba has also created a Hong Kong-themed mahjong set featuring dim sum and ferry designs. 

All images courtesy of Karen Aruba.

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