Hong Kong-Themed Mahjong Set

Themed mahjong sets have been trending for the past few years, and if aesthetically-pleasing designs like Hermes’ mahogany mahjong set are your cup of tea, here’s another one for you to KIV. 

Enter Mahjong Wanderlust’s Hong Kong-themed mahjong set, a contemporary playing piece that reinterprets traditional mahjong tiles with designs that feature dim sums and landscapes of Hong Kong.  

The mahjong set

For the unacquainted, Mahjong Wanderlust is a collaborative work between illustrator Karen Aruba, craftsman Ricky Cheung, and artisan Andypoll. They offer an insight into the dying art of hand-carving tiles, and pay tribute to Hong Kong’s local culture.  

Hong Kong-Themed Mahjong Set

The Hong Kong-themed mahjong set sees a total of 144 mahjong tiles that feature iconic Hong Kong motifs like the bamboo forest garden, ferries, pawn shops, and dim sums. Chances are, even if you’ve never visited Hong Kong like me, you’d be able to recognise them easily.

We recommend filling your stomach before starting a round of mahjong ‒ some of the tiles feature “delicious” carvings like siu mai and chee cheong fun that might trigger your food cravings. 

Hong Kong-Themed Mahjong Set

Apart from showcasing creative and unique designs, the mahjong set also celebrates the skills of Hong Kong’s artisans through their intricately hand-carved and hand-painted mahjong tiles. This means every Hong Kong-themed mahjong set will differ slightly since they’re not created via mass production. 

That’s not all ‒ the mahjong tiles are made from high-quality Japanese acrylic to ensure their long-lasting property and durability. Now, you won’t have to worry about damaging the mahjong tiles when you slam them on a table for your winning “pong”. 

Whether you’re adding to your own collection or gifting it to a mahjong enthusiast, the Hong Kong-themed mahjong set is definitely something worth considering. Packed inside a pastel blue box, the mahjong set comes with four additional blank tiles, wind indicators, and a playing dice.

Note that every mahjong set comes with a certificate of authenticity signed with a serial number since it is made-to-order. 

The mahjong set retails at HKD12,000 (~S$2,032). 

Experience Hong Kong Local Culture With Mahjong Wanderlust’s Mahjong Set   

If you miss travelling to Hong Kong for food and shopping, here’s your chance to “relive” the experience with Mahjong Wanderlust’s Hong Kong-themed mahjong set. More than just a playing tool, the mahjong set also allows you and your kakis to learn more about Hong Kong culture.

You can purchase and find out more information about the mahjong set on Karen Aruba’s official website

All images courtesy of Karen Aruba’s official website.

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