Harry Potter Apparel Collection

Admit it ‒ you’re still waiting for your acceptance letter from Hogwarts even though you’re way past the age of 11. But hey, even if the letter never comes, you can still look trendy for a day out with the latest Harry Potter apparel collection by Taiwanese brand Grace Gift. 

From handbags to sneakers, the collection features all four houses so you can whip up a sleek OOTD that might earn you “10 points”.   


Similar to Hermione’s magical beaded bag which is capable of storing all her essentials, rest assured you can do the same with this Harry Potter Duffle Bag. Although the bag is available in three colourways ‒ black, brown and cream ‒ it still features all four houses through the inner lining that showcases the different house colours.    

Harry Potter Apparel Collection

At first glance, it will be hard for anyone to miss out the Hogwarts school crest as it is placed right in the middle. Since the bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap, you can either go hands-free by wearing it across your body or carry it using the handles.  

Harry Potter Apparel Collection

Other details of the bag include a 3-slot cardholder and a zipper in the shape of house mascots like a griffin for Gryffindor and an eagle for Ravenclaw. The bag has dimensions of 22cm x 6cm x 16cm. 

The Harry Potter Duffle Bag retails at NTD1,280 (~S$59.90).

Alternatively, these Harry Potter Canvas Bags have sufficient storage for bulkier items thanks to their dimensions of 41cm x 29cm x 15cm. Whether it is to hold your books or store the deals you snagged from a supermarket, the bag is suitable for various occasions. 

Each design pays tribute to the four houses of Hogwarts, and right in the middle, you’ll spot the house crests alongside the respective name written across. The name detail also makes another appearance on the handles of the canvas bag. 

Rest assured your belongings are kept safe as the canvas bag closes with a zip. The zipper features the motif of the golden snitch, and on the inside of the canvas bag, you’ll also find three compartments for easy organisation. 

The Harry Potter Canvas Bag retails at NTD699 (~S$32.70). 


Harry Potter Apparel Collection

You don’t have to always carry a shoulder or handbag when you head outside ‒ spruce up your look with the Harry Potter Pouches instead. Similar to the other bags, the pouches are available in four designs, each representing a different house. 

Harry Potter Apparel Collection

Note how the pouch has the embroidery of “captain” alongside two house mascots, mirrored against each other on the front.  

That’s not all ‒ the house detail continues on the zipper and faux leather strip attached to the zipline.     

The Harry Potter Pouch retails at NTD599 (~S$28).


As the saying goes “simplicity is best” ‒ there’s no need for fancy kicks to make a fashion statement. This pair of Harry Potter Embroidery Texture Letter Sneakers is one way to do so, as it comes with a white base and an embroidered initial of the four Hogwarts houses on the side. 

Harry Potter Apparel Collection

Thanks to the simple design, these white sneakers are excellent for Potterheads who are a lil’ shy about expressing their love for the Wizarding World. 

The Harry Potter Embroidery Texture Letter Sneakers retail at NTD1,780 (~S$83.30).

Harry Potter Apparel Collection

If you need both height and a pop of colour in your OOTD, these pairs of Harry Potter Chunky Platform Sneakers might just be for you.

The sneakers come with a thick sole of 5cm to give you extra height, and are made of canvas material in red, blue, green, and black. Each design also features the initial of the houses and you’ll find them embroidered in a colour that contrasts with the base colour. 

The Harry Potter Chunky Platform Sneakers retail at NTD1,980 (~S$92.70).

Muller shoes

Harry Potter Apparel Collection

Say yes to these Harry Potter muller shoes if you happen to be looking for a pair that suits a smart casual look. Available in colours like cream, black, and brown, it won’t be hard for you to match them with any outfit.  

Harry Potter Apparel Collection

The open-end design makes it easy for wearing as you only need to slip your feet in. Plus, the muller shoes come with soft, breathable cushions to keep your feet comfortable even after long periods. What’s more, a metal badge of each Hogwarts house crest is found in the centre of the muller shoes.

The Harry Potter muller shoes retail at NTD1,780 (~S$83.30).

Potterheads Won’t Want To Miss Out On This Harry Potter Apparel Collection

There are many ways to express your love for the Harry Potter franchise, and it is never too late to do so with this Harry Potter apparel collection. Interested Potterheads can head over to Grace Gift’s official website, and have them shipped over to Singapore.

All images courtesy of Grace Gift.

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