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Heineken Silver Streetwear Collection

Here’s a confession: I don’t need alcohol to enjoy a party. But sure, a beer or two still gets me into the mood, with Heineken being one of my go-tos. Now, the alcohol brand has expanded further into the fashion industry by dropping their latest streetwear collection with Yeti Out.  

Featuring fashionable items like bucket hats and tote bags, the collection is all you need to raise the bar of your OOTD. 

The collection

If you recall earlier in August this year, Heineken Silver dropped a pair of sneakers with beer-infused soles that are in limited quantities. Now, they are releasing a new capsule collection with music collective and apparel imprint Yeti Out to excite hypebeasts once again. 

Heineken Silver Streetwear Collection

Featuring the tagline of this collection “Globally Known/ Locally Grown”, the T-shirts are available in white and Heineken Silver’s iconic green. The design of the white T-shirt has motifs of Yeti Out’s logo on a globe surrounded by a band that reads Heineken Silver. 

As for the T-shirt in green, it pays tribute to Yeti Out by portraying it as a galaxy that resembles an atomic nucleus, and the logo of Heineken Silver in the middle. 

Heineken Silver Streetwear Collection

For a matching look with your fellow fashionista, consider getting the shorts that come in green. This way, you can opt for a casual fit with the aforementioned T-shirts. 

Sport two looks with the reversible bucket hat ‒ it allows you to choose a side that suits your outfit the best. The reversible bucket hat appears white on one side and green on another, alongside motifs of the Yeti Out x Heineken Silver globe. 

Heineken Silver Streetwear Collection

That’s not all ‒  there are also socks for you to complete your look. Available in white, the socks come with the tagline on the base, and they also repeat the globe motif on the side. Perhaps with these socks, you can pair them with the Heineken Silver sneakers. 

As a finale to the collection, the tote bag is an item not to be missed. In contrast to the white tote bag, the Yeti Out and Heineken Silver globe motif and tagline greet you in green. Make this your go-to tote whenever you head out for errands like stocking up on cans of Heineken at the supermarket.  

This Heineken Silver Streetwear Collection With Yeti Out Is A Collectible For Hypebeasts

For eager hypebeasts who are interested in bringing home the Heineken Silver streetwear collection, you can only get them between 1 and 4 December 2022 during the Culture Cartel 2022 event at *SCAPE. They are available for purchase at the Heineken Silver x Yeti Out Capsule pop-up, where visitors will also be treated to a visual and auditory experience. 

Prices of the items will be updated at a later date, and for more information on the collaboration between Heineken Silver and Yeti Out, visit the official website here

All images courtesy of Heineken Silver. 

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