Hello Kitty Crocs & Jibbitz

When it comes to fashion, sneakers have always been a staple for many. However, more people are now choosing to switch things up and are opting for another form of footwear – Crocs. 

With their creative themed collaborations with brands such as Harry Potter and BT21, there certainly aren’t any bounds with what they can do with their designs. Now, joining the lineup are Hello Kitty-themed Crocs, each pair featuring two packets of Jibbitz for you to choose from. 

The design

hello kitty crocs

The Hello Kitty Crocs come decked in pink and purple, along with motifs of the Sanrio characters all over the shoe, which somehow reminds me of how chaotic it can get during a slumber party. 

You can spot Kuromi, My Melody, and fellow friends posing for pictures in cute positions. There are also other tiny designs such as an apple and the Sanrio logo spread out over the design, making them perfect additions to the kawaii-packed shoe. 

hello kitty crocs front view

With a white adventure heel strap on the back of the Crocs, you can adjust them to fit the occasion, whether you’re walking long distances or lounging at home. The grooves on the inside of the shoes are made for comfortable wear so you won’t blister easily either. The holes on the shoe will let your feet breathe, and you can interchange your Jibbitz to your personal preference. 

The Crocs come with Hello Kitty, Kuromi, My Melody, Badtz-maru, Pompompurin, Chococat and Keroppi charms so you can have the whole gang with you while you’re out and about. 

hello kitty crocs back view

Additionally, the backstrap includes another pink and yellow Hello Kitty and Friends Jibbitz charm so you can show off your love for the cute Sanrio characters. The Hello Kitty & Friends x Crocs Classic Clog are available in kid, toddler, and adult sizes, retailing from $64.95. 


hello kitty jibbitz 1

There isn’t a better way to personalise your Crocs than with Jibbitz – this collection includes five retro looking pieces in designs of Hello Kitty, Kuromi and My Melody in a heart and arrow, Pompompurin DJ-ing the night away, Chococat batting, and Cinnamoroll on a rainbow. 

The Hello Kitty and Friends 5 Pack retails at $19.95.

hello kitty jibbitz 2

If you’re looking for a girlier vibe, opt for these five Hello Kitty-inspired Jibbitz in glittery designs of a sparkly bow, apple, milk bottle, Hello Kitty’s face and full figure. Mix and match the Jibbitz and style your Crocs to fit your OOTD every day. 

The Hello Kitty Elevated 5 Pack retails at $24.95.

The Hello Kitty & Friends Crocs & Jibbitz Will Brighten Up Your Day Whenever You Step Out

Whenever you’re having blues, the Hello Kitty & Friends Crocs will cheer you up instantly with their colourful designs and adorable Jibbitz. If you or your friends are Sanrio fans, you’re in luck as this collection is available in Singapore on Crocs’ website for purchase now. The Jibbitz packs are sold separately from the Crocs, and you can even purchase individual Jibbitz as well. 

All images courtesy of Crocs

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