Hurtful Things Girls Said To Guys

Previously, we asked Singaporean girls to share the most hurtful things guys have said to them. Now, 15 Singaporean guys reveal the most hurtful things girls have said to them.

*Some names were changed to protect identities

“If you weren’t here, I’d have gone home with someone else”

My ex-girlfriend was at the club with her friends, when one of her friends drunk dialled me. Assuming she needed help, I rushed down to the club. When we got there, I found her friend dead drunk on the floor so I took care of her. However, my ex got pissed off for some reason and said to my face, “If you weren’t here, I’d have gone home with someone else.”
Jake, 25

A drunk mind speaks a sober heart

I was out drinking with her when she asked why I was still single because I was a ‘great guy’. In the midst of our drunken rambling, she said, “Why are you so short? If you were taller I’d date you.” It made me feel as if my personality wasn’t enough to make up for my shortcomings.
KY, 21

I had a fling with this girl once. One night when we got drunk, she said to me, “Well you’re just gonna be like one of those guys who walk out the door anyway.” Although we weren’t officially together, I felt as though I was something disposable.
Marc, 25

Compared me to her ex

As if breaking up wasn’t painful enough, my ex-girlfriend told me, “You know, my ex was better than you in bed.”
Nick, 26

I was dating an older girl at the time. One day out of the blue, she said, “Ugh you’re so skinny and short, why can’t you be more like my tall buff ex?” It stung because I really liked her. But we didn’t end up together because I valued my dignity more.
Anthony, 23

“I was only in it for the sex”

I liked this girl in Hall and we hung out until we eventually hooked up. I was broken and confused because she was cold during the day. When I confronted her, she told me, “You’re a good person, but I was only in it for the sex.”
Fernando, 26

Made fun of me in front of the class

I liked this girl back in secondary school. When her friends told her that I liked her, she said, “Eee, but he’s so fat and ugly.”
Ross, 25

I used to be really really fat, making me a natural target for a whole list of insults. But the worst insult I received from a girl happened during a NAPFA run in school. I was struggling to complete my run when she saw me pull up to the finish line and she said, “OMG you bounce a lot, you should get a bra. You have bigger tits than me.” The whole class laughed and although I was deeply hurt, I pretended to laugh it off too.
Sid, 21

I admitI was quite a pest when I was younger but it came to a point where my presence could piss her off. At lunch, I was asking our group of friends a question about humanities class. She just blew up and said, “Why are you so f***king bad at being a decent human being?”
Brendan, 18

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Made me feel as if she wasn’t serious about us

My ex and I broke up because I cheated on her—yes, it was my fault and I regret the choices I made—but not once did I think that she couldn’t be a part of my future.

However, after we broke up, she said, “I was struggling to see a future for us anyway.” That hurt me the most because if she thought this way all along, why did she stay? She never communicated any of that with me.”
DS, 25

Criticised where I was in life

I liked this girl who was always hot and cold with me but I stuck with her even though it was emotionally draining. One day, she asked, “Do you even know what you’re doing with your life?” I lost it because it came from someone who meant a lot to me.
Rick, 23

“I hate the person I become when I’m with you”

When I enlisted into NS and my ex-girlfriend started working, we fought a lot and she decided to break up. When I begged her to take me back, she said, “I hate the person I become when I’m with you.”
Perru, 23

She cheated on me with my best friend

My ex-girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend. When I was driving her home one day, I jokingly asked if there was anyone in my group of friends that she might have a crush on. She named my best friend, who was coincidentally passed out drunk at my house. I got curious, so I checked his phone and found out about their affair.

I drove back to her place that night to confront her. She told me, “I want you out of the picture. Don’t force it anymore. I’m more interested in him.”
Justin, 28

I tracked the IP address and found out it was her

I got to know this girl through an online platform. One day, she asked for a photo of me, so I took a selfie and shared it on my blog. A few hours later, someone commented “OMG so ugly” in the tag box. I knew it was her because the tag box was able to track the IP address of the user.

Even though she denied it, all these happenings in the past affected my self-esteem. Now, I’m very mindful of my outfits and appearance.”
Darwin, 24

That ‘BRB’ lasted 3 months

Back in the MSN era, I had a crush on an online friend who was interested in me too. She asked me for my photo and I felt quite uncomfortable about it because I was an ugly duckling, but I still shared it anyway.

She suddenly said “BRB”. That “BRB” lasted for a good 3 months before she texted me and said “Happy new year. Anyway, I don’t think this will work out.”
David, 25

Words Can Hurt Just As Much

We can be quite rash in the heat of the moment and say things we don’t really mean. These hurtful things girls said to guys prove that you should be careful with what you say, because you never know how much it can affect somebody.

This post was first published by Jing En Lim on 13 August 2017 and last updated by Nicole Yong on 8 September 2023. 

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