Ideal Timeline For Relationship Milestones

From going on a first date to proposing to bae, the timeline of achieving different relationship milestones differs for every couple. Some might feel that it is fine to say “I love you” within a week of dating, whereas others find it more appropriate when they hit at least the 6-month mark. 

To get a better understanding of how Singaporeans feel about the timeline of relationship milestones, YouGov conducted a survey among 1,057 participants. Read on to find out what Singaporeans really think. 

Saying “I love you”

Simple words like “I love you” hold significant meaning, as it is a declaration of affection towards a person. 

63% of Singaporeans shared that they would only say the words when they hit at least their one year anniversary, whereas 17% felt that they are open to saying them within one to two weeks of dating.

Surprising or not, demographics play a difference in the answers to the question. 20% of the men find it appropriate to say “I love you” within the first two weeks, but only 15% of the women agree.  

Meeting partner’s parents and going on vacations

Introducing your partner to your parents, and going on vacations together are major steps in a relationship, as they could mean that you’re taking things seriously.

Ideal Timeline For Relationship Milestones

22% of Singaporeans would introduce their SO to their parents, and 21% felt that they would go on a vacation together after hitting the 1-year mark. On the other hand, 14% also believe that there is nothing wrong with introducing their partner after dating for a month. 12% would also travel with their partner before or around the 1-month mark. 

Having sex with a new partner

Bad breath and height are common deal-breakers, but some Singaporeans also factor in sexual compatibility during the dating phase. While most are still hush-hush about such topics, 11% of Singaporeans reveal that they would have sex with a new partner within two weeks of dating.

Ideal Timeline For Relationship Milestones

Nonetheless, the most common answer is waiting until marriage, with 20% of Singaporeans having this opinion. 

Moving in together

Moving in together is a good way to test waters with your partner to see if both of you suit each other’s living habits. About 20% of Singaporeans would move in, and 17% would buy a house together after dating for a year. 

On the contrary, the majority of Singaporeans would only do either of these things after dating for a longer time. 17% of respondents also felt that they would only cross these milestones after tying the knot. 

Getting married

Ideal Timeline For Relationship Milestones

Beyoncé said to put a ring on it if you like it, but most Singaporeans believe the earliest appropriate time to do so is after passing the 1-year mark together. Of course, there are also a handful of Singaporeans who feel that a couple can get engaged (17%) or married (7%) within less than a year of dating.  

Starting a family

Ideal Timeline For Relationship Milestones

Not every couple is keen on having kids, but for those who do, 20% believe that they should do so only after getting married. Ideally, 9% of Singaporeans believe that procreating should only happen after a year of marriage, whereas 14% think that they should wait for at least two to three years. 

This Survey Suggests That Everyone Has Their Own Timing When It Comes To Relationship Milestones

Every couple has different relationship goals. Depending on factors like financial situation and age differences, the timeline for these relationship milestones would no doubt be different. For more information about the survey, you can visit YouGov’s official website

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