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Starting the new year with fresh fitness resolutions is a common practice for most Singaporeans. But if you don’t have time or finances to sign up for a gym membership, your next best bet is to work out in the comfort of your own home. 

To help you get your sweat on, IKEA Singapore has released the new DAJLIEN collection with an assortment of training equipment in pastel green and pink. And if you’re worried about additional clutter, don’t fret because the equipment even comes with its own storage space.

The collection


Getting your daily stretches in is a vital practice when you have a desk job and you’re sitting for most of the day. The DAJLIEN exercise mat comes in two sizes: 110×210 cm for $99 and a smaller 70×110 cm for $39.90.


For those who prefer more toning and strengthening exercises, the DAJLIEN 4-piece set comes in a mesh bag with two knee pads, a massage ball, and a yoga strap for $49.90.


For more flexible exercising at home, this DAJLIEN bamboo bench has a removable soft pad on top for bench press workouts. It also works as a storage unit to stash away other equipment, and is priced at $175  great for smaller living spaces.


If getting more toned arms is part of your fitness goal this year, then the DAJLIEN ring weights will be perfect for you. Made of cast iron and weighing 3kg each, these weights are specially designed for strengthening the upper body muscles and cost $29.90 per pair.

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Making sure your towels and workout gear dry out properly will keep unnecessary mildew away, and the DAJLIEN valet stand priced at $69 is a handy tool for this. There’s also a step-up board for aerobic exercises that doubles as a laptop stand priced at $39.90.

The collection also has blankets ($29.90), comfy slippers ($9.90), bath towels ($7.90), and belt bags ($7.50) for all your exercise needs.

The IKEA Home Gym Collection Will Help You Get Fit For The New Year

Getting serious with your fitness journey can be quite a challenge, but with patience and consistency, hard work always pays off. IKEA’s home gym collection is now available online and in-stores across Singapore. 

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