Jane Ittogi Fashion Looks

On 2 September 2023, Tharman Shanmugaratnam was elected as the ninth president of Singapore. A few weeks before the results, Tharman captured the hearts of many Singaporeans by hard launching his wife, Jane Ittogi, in an Instagram post where he shared how much she means to him. Aww

Though Jane doesn’t have any official social media channels, many Singaporeans are still kaypoh about her life. And one main feature that captured our attention was her unique fashion sense, often inspired by a mix of different cultures such as Chinese, Japanese and Indian.

We ranked the top nine best Jane Ittogi fashion looks so far, as well as where you can get similar outfits, so you can rock a First Lady look yourself too.

9. Clashing prints

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Many view clashing prints as a recipe for a fashion disaster — NGL, it is very terrifying to wear them out in public. But it seems like Jane Ittogi boldly took on the challenge by wearing a polka dot scarf together with a zebra-print cardigan for an event. 

We guess that the key to rocking a good clashing print look is the confident smile that she wore along with it. 

Style points: We can’t help but point out the bright yellow top underneath the polkadots — literally everything in this outfit clashes. That’s not an easy feat. 

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8. Brown neutrals

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While she and Tharman were visiting temple youths earlier this year, Jane Ittogi donned a yellow-brown dress with large sleeves. Though simple, it’s safe to say that you can’t ever go wrong with brown neutrals for a stylish look. 

Style points: The colour palette and look of this dress is somehow matchy with the monks’ robes — perhaps it was intentional as a sign of respect towards them. 

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7. Simple is best

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Simplicity is key, and that says a lot in Jane Ittogi’s sleek black outfit when she gave a speech at the Japan Creative Centre in 2018. We were drawn to the unique obi that was tied to her waist, aka a traditional Japanese sash that is often tied around a kimono. 

Style points: Paying tribute to her Japanese heritage at the Japan Creative Centre? We have no choice but to stan

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6. Comfy floral prints

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With the hot weather all year round, wearing long sleeves in Singapore is basically asking to be baked in the sun. But Jane Ittogi shows us how she makes it work with a pink floral top with loose sleeves and a flowy hem — it’s the perfect fit for visiting residents around Teck Whye Shopping Centre. 

Style points: Kopitiam fit who? This fit is cute enough to take pictures with residents and order a standard kopi at the same time. 

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5. Jujutsu Kaisen core

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What you see: an elegant evening dress. What anime fans see: Maki Zen’in cosplay. 

This may be a stretch, but Jane Ittogi’s dark blue outfit here is giving Jujutsu Kaisen Sorcerer core. Especially with the unique mandarin collar on both of these outfits, Jane Ittogi looks ready for both a formal dinner and a fight against cursed spirits. 

Style points: The batik prints along her sleeves add a nice and elegant touch to her fit. 

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4. Purple scarf chic

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If Taylor Swift has her iconic red scarf from “All Too Well”, then perhaps Jane Ittogi owns this purple scarf. It matches her purple blouse in this look — giving OL vibes but also soft girl aesthetics at the same time for smart casual days tbh.

Style points: It seems like both Mr and Mrs Tharman like to dress up in couple colours, as this blouse also complements Tharman’s purple batik shirt. 

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3. Blue couple look

Jane Ittogi Fashion LooksSource, source

Adding on to Jane Ittogi and Tharman’s matching couple fits, their outfits when visiting Tiong Bahru Food Centre earlier this year didn’t disappoint. Jane and Tharman both wore blue tops, with Jane’s look complete with her usual comfy big sleeves.

Style points: Bonus points for the yellow pouch and phone case that matches the yellow buttons on her top — we love a subtle matching look. 

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2. On Wednesdays we wear pink

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Can you still hard launch your wife on Instagram even after being married for 33 years? I guess if you’re Tharman, you can. We can’t miss out on this adorable couple picture from Tharman’s Instagram post about Jane, where she donned a cute Barbie-pink top against an aesthetic natural background. 

Style points: If Jane is Barbie here, does this make Tharman Ken? Sorry to our current president, but the bright pink hues of Jane’s top is all that we’re looking at here. 

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1. Chinese New Year outfit

Jane Ittogi Fashion LooksSource, source

Nomination Day fell on 22 August 2023, and Jane Ittogi stunned the press with this gorgeous red outfit with floral prints on her skirt. Her eye-catching outfit almost felt as if she was giving extra huat to Tharman who was walking next to her, and it also doubles as the ultimate Chinese New Year OOTD. 

Style points: The look was complete with her small beige clutch that stands out from the rest of her bright outfit. 

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These Jane Ittogi Fashion Looks Showcase Her Poise & Elegance As Our New First Lady

These nine best Jane Ittogi fashion looks are unique to our new First Lady, who wears them with poise and elegance. Who knows, with this list, perhaps you might be inspired by her style and try out new looks inspired by different cultures too.

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