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Japanese-Inspired Hair Colours

In the blink of an eye, it has already been months since we welcomed 2023. If you have yet to tick off your New Year’s resolution of switching up your hair colour for a brand new look, here’s your sign to do so. 

But, before you book an appointment at a hair salon, we’ve picked out Japanese-inspired hair colour options for you to step into Spring. From dark olive to light ash, these chio shades will no doubt have you making a statement while you walk down the streets. 

1. Dusty Plum

Japanese-Inspired Hair Colours

For some people, purple is hardly the first colour that comes to mind when choosing a new hair colour. But if you feel like experimenting with new shades, step out of your comfort zone and give this gorgeous Dusty Plum a shot.  

The dark purple hues add dimension to your appearance, and even allow you to channel your inner unicorn. Plus, we’re sure that when the sun hits at the right angle, you’ll be looking like a main character in an anime. 

2. Foggy Aqua

Depending on your skin tone, not everyone suits bright hair colours like blonde and orange. Those who prefer a darker hair colour with a twist can opt for Foggy Aqua ‒ a gunmetal blue shade that gives off hints of grey and silver. 

The edgy hair colour sets you apart from the crowd, and whether you’re starting a new school semester or going through a breakup, foggy aqua freshens up your look. 

3. Mellow Camel

It is normal for those who are new to colouring their hair to choose a “safe” colour like Mellow Camel ‒ it is a calming shade of brown which exudes a natural look. Most importantly, it is also a shade which most people can pull off. 

The subtle hair colour offers a bit of brightness to your complexion, and also works as an alternative to an otherwise boring neutral colour. 

4. Chiffon Olive

Like how the Spring season suggests fresh blooms and luscious foliage, this Chiffon Olive is a colour that you’d want to try at least once. The subtle hints of green hues may be unconventional, but they elevate your look by complementing your most striking facial feature.

P.S. – This colour suits those with a shorter hair length, especially when you style a bob. 

5. Sheer Indigo

Japanese-Inspired Hair Colours

Impress others with your new hair colour that gives off a deep blue tint with Sheer Indigo. Since it blends perfectly with black hair, rest assured that even when your hair grows out, it won’t have the awkward in-between look.

Pro tip: Dress in light-coloured apparel so that the focus will be on your freshly coloured hair.  

6. Innocent Gray

Japanese-Inspired Hair Colours

Admit it ‒ we tend to relate grey hair colour as being “old”. But, you should know that different shades of grey can work out as chic and cool hair colour options. 

Rather than going for a full head of grey at first, pick colours with grey undertones like Innocent Gray that allow you to “test waters”. The best thing is that you can always add more grey if you find the colour suitable.  

7. Airy Mauve

Japanese-Inspired Hair Colours

Chances are, you’d probably want to colour your hair with Airy Mauve when you learn that the purple shade is neither too vibrant nor bold ‒ it is perfect for those who work in a professional environment. 

Since the hair colour accentuates the natural hue of your hair, we recommend also going for a layered look to bring out a youthful look.   

8. Ecru Beige

Japanese-Inspired Hair Colours

Brown hair dyes are no doubt popular picks, but you should also know that they have a spectrum of shades. 

Consider going for a creamier, cool yellow-brown colour like Ecru Beige if you intend to give yourself a hair makeover that isn’t too attention-catching. You’ll appreciate the warm, natural finish that suits most occasions. 

Treat Your Hair To These Japanese-Inspired Hair Colours With Hoyu Professional’s New Prostep Lumicious

You’d know that a hair colour brand is of high quality when it has been in the market for a long time. Enter Hoyu Professional by Japanese hair colour brand Hoyu, which is celebrating its 100th year anniversary. 

For the unacquainted, Hoyu Professional recently dropped their latest fashion colour range Prostep Lumicious. It is a single-step application hair dye for professional salon use that promises shiny and smooth hair.  

What’s interesting about Prostep Lumicious is the fact that it enhances the user’s skin tone through its unique Trinity-veil concept. To put it simply, the hair colour formula combines three colour elements to achieve a soft, natural-looking result. 

Thanks to naturally-derived ingredients found in the formula like seaweed extract, Tsubaki oil, marine collagen, and aloe vera extract, users will also find their hair moisturised and glossy. This is a major slay since Prostep Lumicious doesn’t compromise the condition of your hair. 

Japanese-Inspired Hair ColoursFrom left: Before, After
Images courtesy of Hoyu Professional

Bid farewell to hair dye jobs that result in uneven hair colouring with Prostep Lumicious. Since the hair dye has a colour control technology, it allows uniform and seamless results from the roots to the ends of the hair with a single colour process.

To ensure that your hair remains healthy even after colouring, Prostep Lumicious is also formulated with shea butter and glycerin, a repairing and moisturising agent, to minimise excessive penetration of colouring to damaged hair. Think of it as a facial mask, but for your hair instead. 

From left: Sheer Indigo, Chiffon Olive

If that’s not impressive enough, wait till you learn that Prostep Lumicious has 32 colour options for you to achieve a colour design that best expresses your individuality. Chances are, you might even find your besties showering you with compliments after your hair makeover. 

Plus, Prostep Lumicious has a gentle fragrance sans the unpleasant ammonia odour for an atas salon experience.  

Plan Your Next Hair Colour With Hoyu Professional’s Prostep Lumicious For Japanese-Inspired Hair Colours

Treat yourself to a new hair colour while maintaining your hair’s health with Prostep Lumicious, which promises a natural and uniform finish. The Japanese hair colour brand will bring out your most striking features while drawing praises from others and a satisfactory result from you. 

Interested folks can experience Prostep Lumicious exclusively in selected hair salons islandwide for their convenience, and view the list of hair salons on Hoyu Professional’s official website by checking the Prostep Lumicious box. More information can also be found on Hoyu’s Instagram

Find Out More About Hoyu Professional’s Prostep Lumicious Here!

All images courtesy of Hoyu Professional. 
This post was brought to you by Hoyu Professional.

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