Jill Stuart Daydream Mood Collection

Besides sushi and anime shows, there is one more thing we absolutely love about Japan – their makeup brands.

The new Jill Stuart Daydream Mood Collection features a line of gorgeous cosmetic products that will inspire you to create the next trendy look. The series has limited edition colours for each of their products, all beautifully designed with floral patterns.


You can make the whole place shimmer with their Melty Shimmer blush. It features seven different cool-toned shades and is adorned with floral patterns reminiscent of the cherry blossom flowers.

This blush doubles as a highlighter to give you that natural-looking glow all day.

Similarly, you could make your features bloom with the Pastel Chiffon Blush which has delicate flowery embossments. This blush comes in three shades of Marshmallow Pink, Peach Cream and Lavender Macaron. 

Both types of blush retail for JPN$2860 (SGD$28.84~) each.


You can polish up real nice with the Bloom Couture Eyes. This five-colour eyeshadow palette takes after a sunflower with two petals dedicated to a different shade. This product has 10 neutral shade variations which is great for an everyday look.

It also comes with a mirror and two applicators so you can retouch your eye makeup on-the-go. The palettes retail for JPN$6380 (~SGD$64.26) each.


Mascaras are the holy grail to keep us looking fresh and feminine. You can opt for this Blooming Lash Nuance Curler which comes in Rosy Haze Dream, a pink beige shade, which adds a flirty touch to your look for any occasion. 

It retails for JPN$3300 (~SGD$33.23).


Other than getting your eyeliner game on fleek, tap into your adventurous spirit by trying out their Nuance Pastel Liquid Eyeliner. It has two unique shades in soft pink and purple.

It retails for JPN$2420 (SGD$24.56).


Coming in nine different shades and an elegant diamond design, their Rouge Lip Blossom is fit for royalty. The lipstick comes with a mini mirror on the top so you can admire your classic red lips.

It retails for JPN$3080 (SGD$31.25).

Spring Back Into The Summer Fever With The New Jill Stuart Daydream Mood Collection

The brand’s collection follows the theme of soft and Spring days, perfect for us Singaporeans. If you’re a makeup newbie like me, their website has basic instructions on how to use their cosmetic products.

The series will be available online on their website from 1 April 2023. Meanwhile, you can check out their other products at Singapore’s Sephora website.

All images courtesy of Jill Stuart.

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