Keyboard Puffer Jacket

With the hot and humid weather all year round, it’s no surprise that many Singaporeans travel overseas during the winter season just to beat the heat. But this also means that we have to be properly prepared for the weather in the form of winter clothing, such as puffer jackets and boots.

If you’re looking to make a fashion statement even in winter, fashion brand Liminal Workshop now has a unique keyboard puffer jacket that will make heads turn.

The jacket

Keyboard Puffer JacketInspired by an actual keyboard, the puffer jacket is decked with 54 3D keycaps across its body, decked in cream and grey hues. A hashtag zipper pull is featured on the front, and the waist is also adjustable. 

Disclaimer: While donning these puffy keycaps, you may or may not look like you’re cosplaying as the iconic Michelin Man.

Keyboard Puffer Jacket

The back of the puffer jacket isn’t spared from the keycaps either. More keys such as the backspace, alternate and delete keys can be spotted — if only it could help you Ctrl, Alt and Delete IRL too.

Keyboard Puffer Jacket

The keycaps aren’t just for show — some of them double as a pocket with a zipper, so you can keep your miscellaneous items, such as your wallet and keys, safe while travelling.

The puffer jacket is made from polyester and is water resistant, so you’ll be able to stay warm and dry on snowy days.

Keyboard Puffer Jacket

While the cream and grey keyboard jacket is the design’s original colourway, Liminal Workshop has also released two more designs in beige (left) and black and grey (right). With these options, customers can feel free to “customise” their keyboard according to their preferences.

This Unique Keyboard Puffer Jacket Is Perfect For Travelling During The Winter Season

The keyboard jacket is available at $862 on Liminal Workshop’s website and ships directly to Singapore. If unique fashion pieces are just your type, then perhaps you can consider adding this jacket to your cart and don it on your next winter vacation.

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All images courtesy of Liminal Workshop.

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