Pringles Fashion Collection

Whenever someone asks me to choose between potatoes and eggs, I will never hesitate and choose the former. I love how versatile the root vegetables are, especially when it’s in the form of potato chips.

If you’re just as passionate about them as I am, you’re in luck ‒ Pringles has released a fashion collection so you can wear your love for the brand.  

The collection

In collaboration with Anya Hindmarch, a UK fashion brand, the collection features four fashion items for your daily wear. 

With the Lunar New Year around the corner, there’s nothing better than visiting your relatives with this adorable Anya Brands Pringles Mini Bucket. Adorned in red sequins, the bucket bag features an intricately beaded logo of Pringles, featuring founder Julius Pringle. Inside, a silver drawstring pouch keeps your belongings safe. 

Thanks to its dimensions of 15.5cm x 10cm x 10cm, the bag offers sufficient space to store essentials like a phone, wallet, and perhaps, a small can of Pringles. 

For styling tips, you can wear the bag across your shoulder with the golden chain strap, creating a crossbody look. 

The Anya Brands Pringles Mini Bucket retails at £745.83 (~S$1,261).

Those who are looking for a coin purse can consider the Anya Brands Pringles Coin Purse. The dainty accessory uses capra leather as its main material, and greets you with a vintage artwork of the Pringles logo on the exterior. Alongside wordings “Great With Dips” and “Irresistibly Tasy & Crispy”, the coin purse might even kickstart your cravings for the potato chips. 

Upon closer inspection, you’ll find an embossing of the Pringles logo on top, and a tiny gold ribbon that represents Pringles’ iconic AH bow. Plus, there is also a red leather tassel attached with a D-hook clasp to hang on your favourite bag. 

The Anya Brands Pringles Coin Purse retails at £245.83 (~S$415). 

Pringles Fashion Collection

Don’t miss out on the Anya Brand Pringles Slippers if you’re a collector of unique fashion items. The slippers are handmade with vampire-red velvet, lined with satin on the inside, and feature the embroidery of the Pringles logos. 

The soft and smooth texture is no doubt a treat for your feet, and the slippers are put together with leather soles for comfortable walking. 

The Anya Brand Pringles Slippers retail at £495.83 (~S$838). 

Pringles Fashion Collection

The non-stop rain in Singapore has us feeling cold, but you can always stay warm and snuggly at home with the Anya Brands Pringles Blanket. The blanket is knitted from mohair, which is yarn made from the hair of Angora goats, and is accented with a leather logo patch of Pringles. 

Perhaps with this, you can Netflix and chill while munching on some Pringles in hand during wet weather days. 

The Anya Brands Pringles Blanket retails at £625 (~S$1,057). 

Stay On Top Of The Fashion Game With This Pringles Collection

Whether you’re looking to express your love for Pringles or expand your wardrobe with new fashion items, the Pringles collection by Anya Hindmarch is not to be missed. To purchase them, visit Anya Hindmarch’s official website.

All images courtesy of Anya Hindmarch. 

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