Kipling x Hello Kitty CNY Collection

It hasn’t been that long since we bade farewell to 2021, but most of us in Singapore are already gearing up for the upcoming Chinese New Year this February. 

Stepping into the Year of the Tiger, Kipling has partnered with Hello Kitty for more than one exclusive collection. Featuring the adorable kitty in a tiger costume, read on to find out what else the collections include.    

CNY Capsule Collection

Chinese New Year is all about the festivities and to help you get into the roaring spirit, Kipling has released a Hello Kitty CNY capsule collection. 

House visiting aka bai nian is a tradition during Chinese New Year. Allowing you to keep your mandarin oranges and essentials all in one place is this Delia Mini Daily Backpack. 

Kipling x Hello Kitty CNY Collection

The black backpack features a Hello Kitty patch on the front where she wears a tiger costume. In a bold contrast, you’ll find the bag straps in red, providing your overall look with an auspicious pop of colour. 

On the inside, the backpack has a tiger stripes lining which is made from 100% recycled material. Completing the design, the two-compartment backpack includes a metal charm that features the Hello Kitty in the tiger costume with Kipling’s logo. 

The Delia Mini Daily Backpack retails at $199. 

For those who are all about versatility, the Kala Mini Shoulder Bag allows you to either carry the bag over your shoulder or as a handbag. The shoulder straps are also detachable, providing you with the flexibility to switch between looks. 

Once again, you’ll spot a Hello Kitty patch but this time, she is standing on both feet with her hands up, as if giving you a cute “roar”. 

The Kala Mini Shoulder Bag retails at $179.

Kipling x Hello Kitty CNY Collection

No one hates receiving ang paos and for this CNY, you can use this Riri Pouch to keep them along with essentials like your handphone and wallet. 

Going with the theme of this collection, the main body of the pouch comes in black, with the strap in red. Similarly, you’ll also find a Hello Kitty patch unique to the Riri Pouch. 

The Riri Pouch retails at $139. 

Hello Kitty Collections

Apart from the CNY capsule collection, there are three other collections Kipling has with Hello Kitty. Each has its own unique theme, providing you with the opportunity to say “new year, new me”. 

Hello Kitty Charcoa

Hello Kitty and monochrome lovers are in for a treat as this collection lets you embrace black in a sleek and stylish manner. 

The Charcoa ART M is a shoulder bag made from satin-like 100% recycled nylon that is suitable for short trips or a staycay with bae. On the front, the face of Hello Kitty greets you as a 3D pocket where you can keep small items like your TraceTogether token. Not to mention, you’ll also spot a charm that features Hello Kitty on top of Kipling’s logo. 

The Charcoa ART M retails at $259. 

For outdoor activities like going on a hike or shopping for new CNY clothes, the Hello Kitty Charcoa collection also includes a shoulder bag and sling bag.  

Kipling x Hello Kitty CNY CollectionFrom left: Charcoa KYLA, Charcoa RYANNE

Similar to the above-mentioned bag, both feature Hello Kitty as a 3D pocket on the front along with a charm. The Charcoa KYLA shoulder bag comes with a drawstring on top so you can easily keep and take out your items. On the other hand, the Charcoa RYANNE sling bag allows you to run simple errands without compromising the wow factor. 

The Charcoa KYLA retails at $209 and the Charcoa RYANNE retails at $199. 

Hello Kitty Stripe

Stripes have always been a popular fashion choice and in this collection, you’ll find the items in white, decorated with red and navy stripes. Plus, the motif of Hello Kitty peeking out is repeated in this collection.  

Kipling x Hello Kitty CNY Collection

Great for trips to the beach, this Hello Kitty Stripe STELMA completes your OOTD thanks to how the design brings to mind a sailor-inspired outfit. In addition, the blue strap is also adjustable so you can carry the bag at your preferred length. 

The Hello Kitty Stripe STELMA retails at $139.

Kipling x Hello Kitty CNY CollectionFrom left: Hello Kitty Stripe Riri, Hello Kitty Stripe Matta

Alternatively, there are also backpacks and pouches for those who need bigger or smaller storage space. The Hello Kitty Stripe Riri backpack includes numerous compartments which are excellent to keep things organised. 

As for the Hello Kitty Stripe Matta pouch, it comes with a detachable blue strap so you can choose how you want to carry it out. 

The Hello Kitty Stripe Riri retails at $179 and the Hello Kitty Stripe Matta retails at $129. 

Hello Kitty Fun

Unlike the other collections, Hello Kitty shows off her cheeky and playful side by transforming into a painter in this collection. 

Kipling x Hello Kitty CNY Collection

Named as the Hello Kitty Fun Duo Pouch, the smaller pouch has a design of Hello Kitty along with Kipling’s mascot. Hello Kitty is holding a paintbrush and looks as if she accidentally dripped blue paint on Kipling’s mascot. As for the bigger pouch, it features the words “Hello Kitty” written in blue. 

The Hello Kitty Fun Duo Pouch retails at $119. 

From left: Hello Kitty Fun Tote Bag and Hello Kitty Fun Delia Mini

For those who are looking forward to a new semester, brighten up your day by heading to school with this Hello Kitty Fun Tote Bag and Hello Kitty Fun Delia Mini. The tote bag comes with a front pocket that includes a zipper so you can keep valuables like your student ID or Airpods safe and secure. 

Allowing you to become the painter instead, the Hello Kitty design on the Hello Kitty Fun Delia Mini backpack lets you connect the dots to form a drawing. Here, the dots connect to reveal the face of Hello Kitty. 

The Hello Kitty Fun Tote Bag retails at $109 and the Hello Kitty Fun Delia Mini retails at $199. 

Step Into The Year Of The Tiger With The Kipling x Hello Kitty CNY Collection

It is only less than a month before we celebrate CNY and the Kipling x Hello Kitty CNY collection lets you shop for a new look this CNY. You can now purchase the CNY capsule collection at all Kipling boutiques and on Kipling’s official website. As for the other Hello Kitty collections, they will be available starting from 24 January 2022. 

All images courtesy of Kipling. 

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