LiHO x Aftershock K-Strawberry PC

A couple of years ago, bubble tea lovers and gamers experienced the best of both worlds when Aftershock dropped the world’s first bubble tea PC. Now, the Singaporean PC brand has returned to sweeten your gaming experience with a new BBT-themed PC, featuring LiHO and its signature K-Strawberry drink series. 

The PC

LiHO x Aftershock K-Strawberry PC

If you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your living space, KIV the exclusive LiHo x Aftershock K-Strawberry PC. Chances are, you might experience a “sugar rush” while admiring the sweet details on the PC, such as the strawberry motifs in different sizes. 

LiHO x Aftershock K-Strawberry PC

Besides the fruity details, the PC showcases an illustration of LiHO’s K-Strawberry Latte, with sliced strawberry motifs “riding” the wave of the refreshing drink on the panels. 

Since the design is a collaboration between LiHO and Aftershock, it’s also not surprising to spot elements from each brand.  

LiHO x Aftershock K-Strawberry PC

For instance, a LiHO’s K-Strawberry cup inside the PC instantly grabs our attention. Instead of mistaking it as an actual drink, you’ll be impressed to know that the cup functions as a water-cooling system, featuring realistic-looking strawberry bits swirling on the inside. 

Rest assured that this feature doesn’t affect or slow down the performance of your PC, but rather, effectively cools your CPU system down. 

Furthermore, it comes with a straw magnet charm that allows you to attach it on top of the PC. You might recall that this whimsical feature is unique to Aftershock’s Strawberry Milk Series, adding a dose of cuteness to the overall design. 

LiHO x Aftershock K-Strawberry PC

If the aforementioned strawberry details still aren’t enough for you, wait till you learn about its GPU backplate. Unlike standard GPU backplates that typically appear in black, this one by Aftershock comes in pink, and puts a smile on your face with even more strawberry motifs. 

Express Your Love For Bubble Tea & Gaming Through LiHO x Aftershock’s K-Strawberry PC

If you’re a fan of chio PC setups, this is a sign for you to consider getting the LiHo x Aftershock K-Strawberry PC. What makes this PC so exclusive is that Aftershock will only be accepting custom orders for this design from 14 February 2024 to 31 March 2024, making it a rare collectible.   

Note that customisation fees start from $2,145, and more information can be found on Aftershock’s official website

All images courtesy of Aftershock.

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