LUSH x Barbie Collection

With the live-action Barbie movie imparting great life lessons, there’s another important message every girlie should grasp: the power of self-care. Self-pampering Barbies can now embark on an upcoming adventure with LUSH’s latest series, a thrilling collaboration with the renowned Mattel toy empire brand.

The new LUSH x Barbie collection features perfectly pink limited edition soaps, body scrubs, and even perfume. If you’re aiming to elevate your beauty routine, this series will have you covered.

The collection

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The iconic “B” logo never fails to evoke childhood nostalgia, and this series weaves Barbie’s trademark into scented bath bombs and body balms. 

Treat yourself to sparkling pink waters with the Barbie Bath Bomb, scented with coconut cream. On the flip side, for those seeking to smoothen your dry skin, the chocolate-scented Body Balm stands ready to transform your skin into velvet.

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If you’re still craving that Barbie fix, this exclusive collection serves up even more soaps designed to mirror Barbie’s iconic essentials.

While every Barbie must have her trusty bag to elevate her style, transforming it into a lathering soap accessory adds an irresistible twist to your bathing ritual.

Alternatively, you can “dance the night away” by lathering up with the Boombox soap, boasting delightful notes of fruity goodness and creamy custard fragrances.

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Get ready to strut out of the shower by smelling like a snacc, courtesy of the Barbie Heel Soap. 

If indulging in a bath fit for royalty has been a distant dream, let the enchantment of the cocoa and coconut cream-infused Barbie Car Bubble Bar make it a reality.

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Apart from bar soaps, indulge in the sugary-lemon delight of the Barbie Dream Sugar Scrub to give your skin a dose of scented goodness. Plus, it has a dash of glitter to ensure that your skin has that extra shine.

Before heading out for girl’s night, give yourself a spritz of the Barbie Lush Perfume. It boasts amber vanilla notes that’ll keep you smelling fresh AF throughout your night of fun.

Channel Your Inner Barbie With The New LUSH x Barbie Collection 

With so many Barbie collaborations surfacing, it goes without saying that Barbie is officially taking over 2023.

The new LUSH x Barbie collection proves that every night is a girls’ night with its wonderfully scented bath products. While this series is currently available only on LUSH’s UK and US websites, Singaporean Barbies and Kens can possibly expect it to drop on our sunny island soon.

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