Mama Shop Earrings Have Been Restocked

Local brand Wheniwasfour launched a series of Mama Shop Earrings earlier this year.

As Singaporeans are suckers for nostalgia, the earrings were quickly snapped up upon their release. If you’re still yearning for the chance to adorn your ears with a pair of White Rabbit candy or Singapore flag erasers, the good news is that they have been restocked and are now available once again online and in-store.

What are mama shops?

Mama shops are provision shops usually found in heartland neighbourhoods under HDB blocks. For nearby residents, they are a convenient place to pick up household necessities like rice, butter and detergent.

For many of us, they are also a reminder of our school days, when we would frequent them to get food items like Mamee dry noodle snacks, and packet drinks like HL Milk and Yakult, on the way home.

They even sell stationery like correction fluid and country flag erasers so you could stock up if your supplies were running low.


These items have all been turned into earrings so you can relive your secondary school days with these adorable creations. They cost $11.90 for a pair, and the best part is that you can pick the designs you want.

So feel free to mix and match as if you were truly shopping at your local mama shop after a long day of lessons and extra-curricular activities.

If you need a midday snack, check out these Chupa Chups lollipop and Haw Flakes ear studs.

Or how about getting mum a pair of soya sauce earrings to thank her for all the delicious meals she has cooked for you?

Embrace the pastel trend with these pretty Paddle Pop ice cream earrings.

Mama Shop Earrings Now Restocked By Wheniwasfour

Relive your precious secondary school memories with these mini recreations of your favourite childhood snacks and paraphernalia.

These earrings are sure to remind you and your friends of when you popped by the nearest mama shop and treated yourselves to a snack and drink to celebrate the end of the school day.

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