Good Threads By Mandai Wildlife Group

When you think of Mandai Wildlife Group (MWG), what pops into your head is probably Singapore Zoo and River Wonders. Well, besides managing these parks, MWG actually does a lot more than you think.

Keeping in line with their purpose of protecting animals and nature, MWG launched their “Choose Good With Mandai” campaign in late 2022 that focused on lowering the impact of food and gaming on the environment.

Now, they’re entering the fashion world. Their new Good Threads capsule collection — produced in collaboration with local craftsman Hakim Samat —  is an extension of the aforementioned campaign, featuring 200 apparel options with shirt pockets big enough to fit a lunchbox

The collection


The collection features four main designs: the Takeaway Shirt, Trashy Pants, Tote Shorts, and Bucket-Bag Hat.

With a total of 200 multi-functional and upcycled pieces, this collection aims to make it convenient for wearers to make environmentally-friendly decisions.  Made up of cut-outs from 1,158 pieces of pre-loved clothing — which were donated by local thrift shops like Honsieponsie and Woofie’s Warehouse — every piece from this collection is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Source, Image courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group

Bucket hats have been all the hype recently. Hopping onto this trend, the Good Threads collection features this Bucket-Bag Hat which retails at $79. 

True to its name, this hat can be flipped to become a bucket bag. With an adjustable bag strap that can also be attached to the hat as decoration, this bag can transform into a shoulder or crossbody bag as per your preference.

Image courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group

Retailing at $139, the Takeaway Shirt is both quirky and functional. With the goal of keeping you away from anything single-use, this shirt has pockets for almost everything, so you can store whatever you need before leaving the house. 

On the front of the shirt, there is a bottle pocket which you can detach to form a bottle sling. On the sleeves, there are slots for handkerchieves. That’s not all as on both the front and back of the shirt, there are numerous pockets — where you can store reusable cutlery — and loops where you can hang different items. 

Image courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group

All major supermarkets in Singapore are now charging at least 5 cents for each disposable bag. This means that 20 unplanned grocery runs equals to spending $1 on just plastic bags. That’s $1 which you could have saved and a whole lotta plastic waste. 

The Tote Shorts from Good Threads helps to solve this issue, while reducing plastic waste in the long run. Retailing at $119, this pair of shorts comes with a detachable tote bag as well as upcycled plastic hooks to hang anything you want, from decorative keychains to your earpods. 

Image courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group

The idea of a trash bag attached to your pants may seem absurd but trust me, it’s actually pretty genius. I mean, it’s not like we don’t already stuff used tissues or plastic waste into our pockets when there are no bins around.

This pair of Trashy Pants comes with a removable trash pouch and is even paired with a dual pocket organiser which allows you to separate your plastic waste from paper. Don’t worry about it being unhygienic as you can wash both of them.

In case you’re feeling extra enthusiastic about helping the planet, the Trashy Pants, which retails at $159, even comes with expandable pockets and loops to store mini tongs for picking up trash. 

Image courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group

Not to mention, Good Threads sources all buttons and carabiner hooks from Plastify, a local startup which recycled plastic waste.

“Up” Your Style With These Quirky, Functional & Sustainable Upcycled Pieces

Released on 15 February, the first launch of the Good Threads is selling out fast. You can shop the remaining pieces on the Good Threads’ official website

If you don’t manage to snag the items you want, fret not as there will be another two drops. Do mark your calendars for 8 March and 28 March.

P.S. all proceeds from the collection will go towards supporting wildlife conservation efforts in Singapore and SEA. So, if you catch yourself finding the items pricey, just consider purchasing them as doing a good deed.

Cover image: Image courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group, Source.

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