McDonald’s Mahjong Set

McDonald’s is the go-to solution for many Singaporeans whenever they feel like having a snack, especially during CNY when they have friends over for an endless night of mahjong. Now, you can bond with your kakis over more than just fast food as there is an exclusive mahjong set by McDonald’s China inspired by their menu items. 

The mahjong set

At first glance, the mahjong set doesn’t scream McDonald’s since it lacks the signature colours of red and yellow. Instead, it comes in an elegant case with bamboo motifs and McDonald’s logo in gold on the exterior.  


Open it up, and you’ll find rows of mahjong tiles placed neatly in two sections. The other side of the case also features an art piece that shows two kids playing with each other. 


Home to two playing dice in metallic gold and red, the middle section of the case also fits a limited edition fries badge and two additional mahjong tiles.


Fun fact: bamboo shoots symbolise wealth and are commonly found in CNY dishes. This is perhaps why you’ll find motifs of them in gold on the back of every mahjong tile. 

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If that’s not impressive enough, be sure to check out other details of the mahjong tiles. 

You’ll spot many of them with motifs of fries, either in their original state or dipped in ketchup. Plus, some of the tiles also pay tribute to McDonald’s signature menu items like nuggets, fried chicken, and sundae cones by having them as quirky alternatives to traditional designs. 

This Exclusive Mahjong Set By McDonald’s China Will Make Your CNY More Memorable

Since it is not every day that we get to play with a mahjong set by McDonald’s, be sure to not miss out on this one-of-a-kind design. Unfortunately, it is only available to those residing in China for now, so interested folks might want to look for freight forwarders that ship to Singapore. 

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