Mickey & Minnie Drink Carriers

Many Singaporeans need their daily cuppa to get their day going, be it from local coffee shops or upscale coffee houses. If you prefer to take away your drinks in a cup, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf now has adorable drink carriers that feature Mickey & Minnie designs. Not only are they environmentally-friendly, but they also allow you to carry your drinks in style. 

Read on to find out more about these cute drink carriers. 

The design 

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has come up with 2 drink carriers designs ‒ Mickey & Minnie ‒ that are perfect for you and bae to add to your collection of couple items.  


The Minnie drink carrier has polka dots from her signature dress, complete with a ribbon at the front. As for the design that features Mickey, you’ll notice the pattern of his pants on the body of the drink carrier too. 


Closing in on the details, both drink carriers have Mickey & Minnie’s iconic white gloves by the sides. As an adorable touch, the gloves of Minnie’s have ribbons too.

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The handle is made of soft fabric and the drink carrier also acts as double insulation when you handle hot or cold drinks. Plus, it even has enough space for you to slot in a straw.

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Now, you can express your love for Mickey & Minnie by carrying the drinks you just dapao-ed back home or to the office. 

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Each of them are packed separately and retails at $15.90. 

Other Mickey drinkwares

Besides these drink carriers, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf also released their special Mickey Loves Singapore drinkware collection earlier in July 2021. 


The collection consists of 2 tumblers and a cold cup. Each has the design of Mickey standing in front of various Singapore landmarks such as the Singapore Flyer and Merlion. 

For those who want to express their love for Singapore even further, you can also get the Klean Kanteen Tumbler at $59.90 and the Mickey Mouse Cold Cup at $19.90. 

You Can Now Carry Your Takeaway Drinks With These Mickey & Minnie Drink Carriers 

The Mickey & Minnie drink carriers are available for purchase at all Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf physical stores. As they only come in a limited quantity, make sure to get them before they run out. 

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