Disney x Mayer Singapore Collection

Earlier in July, Disney x Mayer gave us Mickey and Minnie mini stand mixers to whip up some magic in the kitchen. Now, they are back with another collection that features Mickey and friends. Titled the Mickey Loves Singapore collection, you’ll find household items like an air fryer with designs of the adorable characters. 

Read on to find out more about this limited edition collection. 

The collection

Disney x Mayer Singapore Collection

Singapore may be a small nation but it’s rich in its culture and heritage. In this collection, Mickey and friends explore our sunny island by appearing as illustrations on an air fryer, multi-cooker, air purifier and a USB rechargeable fan. 

Air fryer

There’s no denying Singaporeans love shortcuts, and air fryers are a quicker way to meals without compromising on the taste. Plus, they are also a healthier alternative than traditional deep fryers since they don’t require the use of oil. 

On the food basket of this air fryer, you’ll find Mickey and friends taking a tour of Singapore’s colourful heritage shophouses. Mickey and Minnie ride on a rickshaw whereas Donald and Daisy explore the city on a yellow motorbike with a sidecar.  

You won’t have to worry about not fitting all your food as the air fryer is 3 litres deep ‒ perfect for cooking up large portions at one go. 

It comes with a temperature range between 80-200°C and a 30 minutes timer so you can be sure that even your frozen food gets cooked thoroughly. Once the food is ready to be served, the air fryer’s automatic cut-off switch feature will turn off the appliance completely. In addition, it has an overheating protection and power and heating light indicator. 

Disney x Mayer Singapore Collection

For safety 24/7, it also has a cool touch handle and non-slip feet. Once you’re done using the air fryer, the detachable tray also allows easy removal for cleaning. 

The air fryer retails at $98. 

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With this multi-cooker made from SUS304 food grade stainless steel, you can make your own hot pot, stew, soup and porridge ‒ whatever your cravings desire.

Similar to the design of the air fryer, Mickey and friends make an appearance on the body of the multi-cooker. The handle of the glass lid features a white Mickey Mouse motif, adding a touch of adorableness to the overall design.  

To prevent accidents from happening, the multi cooker also has overheating and boil dry protection ‒ a feature that families with young kids will appreciate. Once the food is ready, the multi-cooker will also be switched off automatically. 

If you’re the sort that procrastinates mealtimes even after cooking, you will still be able to enjoy a warm meal thanks to its automatic keep-warm feature. The cool touch handles make it easy to transport the pot to your dining table, along with its non-slip feet for stable placement. 

The multi-cooker retails at $69. 

Air purifier 

Since harmful air particles can’t be seen via the naked eye, it is hard to know the quality of the air that you’re breathing in. 

Disney x Mayer Singapore Collection

Say goodbye to annoying dust and allergens when you have this air purifier from Mistral in your room. Here, you can tell how pleased Mickey, Minnie and Donald look when they open their windows. It’s almost as if they’re equally happy to learn that they can breathe in clean and fresh air with you. 

Disney x Mayer Singapore Collection

With just a click of the single button control, you can switch on the air purifier easily and adjust between 2 speed controls. Since it also comes with a built-in ioniser, HEPA filter and UV light, you can say welcome cleaner air in no time. 

The best part? It produces minimal noise when switched on, meaning you get to have a good night’s sleep. 

The air purifier retails at $69. 

USB rechargeable fan 

No matter how long we’ve lived in Singapore, there’s simply no getting used to the tropical climate. 

In this collection, a USB rechargeable fan from Mistral comes to the rescue. On the handle, you’ll find the design of Mickey and Minnie checking out Singapore in a rickshaw. Minnie is holding a camera and Mickey looks as if he is her tour guide. 

On days when the weather is super hot, you can adjust the fan speed to the highest as it comes with 3 different speed modes. On top of that, it is pocket size and promises cool air while on the go. Plus, it has a battery life that lasts up to 3.5 hours. 

Disney x Mayer Singapore Collection

If you prefer to go hands-free, you can also make use of the additional lanyard to hang the fan over your neck instead. Other accessories include a micro USB cable for easy charging. 

The USB rechargeable fan retails at $21.90. 

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The limited edition Disney x Mayer Mickey Loves Singapore collection will be released on 25 September 2021 on Mayer and Mistral official e-commerce marketplace platforms. But, you can make a pre-order starting from 17 September 2021.

To do so, simply head over to Mayer e-store and Mayer’s showrooms. As this is an exclusive release with limited quantities, be sure to get them before they run out. 

All images courtesy of Mayer.

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