Mimosa x Singapore Airlines Collection

It’s no secret that all Singaporeans love flying luxury overseas via Singapore Airlines, but business class tickets are at an all time high. Worse, getting a seat for your kid will burn an extra hole in your pocket.

To give parents a sense of atas-ness without having to book a flight, the new Mimosa x Singapore Airlines collection has limited edition car seats and strollers for kids, which are all made from repurposed SIA Business Class seats. Talk about a new lease of life. 

The collection

Like the rest of the products in this collection, the Salus 360 i-Size Car Seat has the iconic batik motifs that we all know and love, incorporated into the chair’s bright blue fabrics . 

If you think this car seat can’t get any cooler, this comes with ISOFIX for a seamless installation and a 360-degree rotation function so you can check on your child easily whether it’s forward or rear facing. 

This goes for $550, or you can redeem it with 69,375 miles. 

For a more simple design, you can go for this Magnus i-Size Car Seat. Although this forward-facing car doesn’t rotate, you can extend the top to give your child’s neck some extra support. 

This retails for $305 , or you can redeem it with 38,125 miles.

Take a relaxing stroll in the park with this Cabin City+ Stroller which has a huge canopy to protect your little one from the blazing sun. 

This retails for $425 or 53,125 miles.

For toddlers transitioning from their stroller stage, they can enter their new tricycle era with this 7-In-1 Trike. With the gorgeous canopy and safety belts, rest assured that your child will have a ton of fun while being secure and sheltered ― the best of both worlds. 

This retails for $305 or 38,125 miles. 

Keep Your Kids Comfy And Chic In The Most Eco-Friendly Way With The Mimosa x Singapore Airlines Collection

NGL, even though I am not a mum yet, this Mimosa x Singapore Airlines collection is very tempting for their batik patterns and limited nature. You can pre-order these limited edition car seats and strollers on SIA’s website now

Or if you are looking for boujee products for yourself or bae, you can head over to their website or their Instagram page for more.

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