Miss Universe Singapore 2023

Stunning Singapore and the world with her supermodel good looks, intelligence, and human rights advocacy, Miss Universe Singapore Priyanka Annuncia has raised the bar for beauty pageant contestants. 

There were a total of 84 competing contestants at the 72nd Miss Universe pageant in November this year, and while Priyanka didn’t take home the main title, she still slayed with her designer costume fits and was also honoured as a Silver Finalist in the Voice of Change category. This addition to the pageant invites contestants to share their chosen advocacies in a three-minute video. 

The pageant

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A popular category in the competition is the national costume round, where contestants get to impress the judges and audience in their most jaw-dropping ensembles, and Priyanka did just that. 

With strappy high-heeled sandals, traditional Indian jewellery, and smart jacket with billowing sleeves, Priyanka’s look for the pageant’s national costume category definitely made an impact. Captioning it as “Asian Glamour Warrior” on her Instagram, comments in response had people saying, “Gal Gadot who?”

The eclectic and futuristic costume was made by Chinese-German fashion designer, Lisa Von Tang. 


For the swimwear round, Priyanka donned a silver two-piece designed by Rubin Singer. And her mesmerising sparkly gold evening gown was created by SingaporeanMalaysia designer Eric Hen, which made it on the list of “Best Evening Gowns at the 2023 Miss Universe competition” by CNN. 

There were comments under her post saying that hers was “one of the best gowns ever to walk the Miss Universe stage”, and us Singaporeans couldn’t be more proud.

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With contestants being whisked to many different official events in El Salvador for the duration of the competition, Priyanka wowed us again in a classic slinky black evening gown with silver trimming at a special address given by El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele. 

She also celebrated Diwali there, giving us a beautiful silhouette in a lacy black saree with a silver top embellished with flashy stones.


With silver being one of her chosen colours for the pageant, Priyanka gave us another stunner in El Salvador in this short, see-through piece by Singaporean designer, Rentadella.


Priyanka’s double degree in business law and criminology proves that no one can mess with this beauty queen. In fact, her tireless advocacy for anti-trafficking laws and body positivity saw her be chosen as a Silver Finalist in the pageant’s Voice of Change category. 

The pageant’s top prize went to Sheynnis Palacios from Nicaragua, the 1st Runner-up spot went to Anntonia Porsild from Thailand, and the 2nd Runner-up was Miss Australia, Moraya Wilson. 

Miss Universe Singapore 2023 Priyanka Annuncia Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

What Priyanka has shown us with her coming back a second time to win Miss Universe Singapore, is that nothing is impossible in life. We’re happy she got to represent us, and we wish her a lifetime of happiness for all the work she does to make the world a better place.

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